$25 off $100 if you pay with Paypal

  1. cool!! thanks =D I don't know if I have the money to buy anymore toki right now though lol
  2. Hi d1000, thank you for the tip-off for the eBay coupon. I was super excited to see the good news!!

    But I tried it out with my PayPal invoice today (against my 'Buy it now' purchase exceeding $100) but sadly, it did not work for me. The prompt that was given : "This Redemption Code cannot be used from your PayPal account." Probably because I am not holding a US eBay account.

    After that I did some research on my own, it seems that there is an ongoing promotion for eBay Mastercard users - get up to $25 off your eBay purchases til 15 Dec '07. I'm not too sure if this is the same promotion/offer that the link is referring to though
  3. I also tried that on ebay since I always use paypal...didn't work either...I tried it on everything I bought...oh wells...I don't think it works with toki items...I could be wrong...
  4. You receive and email with the coupon and then you can use it because it is linked to your paypal account (email address), not everyone can use it. I think that is why is not working.
  5. sorry. please disregard this post.