$25 gift card for Bloomingdale's at South Coast Plaza

  1. South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA is having a private preview May 3, Thursday, 10am-10pm. I think it's invite only.

    I have the invitation card that allows one person and a guest to attend and get a free $25 gift card EACH. I can't go, so...

    The FIRST person to PM me their mailing addy will receive my invitation!

    Make sure you live in Southern California and can go to specifically South Coast Plaza that Thursday! Whee!!!
  2. SENT! To a great PFer! Enjoy!
  3. Oh no!! I want to go.. but not invited :crybaby:
    I guess I'll be standing in front of the store with a sign next thurs and see if anyone would need a "shopping buddy"! LOL :biggrin:
  4. Just got my card yesterday. Between Bloomie's opening and Saks Friends and Family, it's going to be an expensive week.
  5. I just got my card today too. Can't wait to go! :wlae:
  6. I got one too!! But what qualifies someone to receive it. I have NEVER EVER shopped at Bloomingdales. :shrugs: SO i'm a little confused. But I'm not complaining :smile:
  7. I never shop at Bloomies either but I think if you're a frequent shopper at one of the stores in SCP, you'll get the invite from them. :wlae:
  8. I don't get up there TOO often but I can't wait to go to that one..the one down here is SO nice.
    I also want to see the LV counter :graucho:
  9. Have you ever purchased from Macy's? They are both owned by the same company, Federated.
  10. i got mine but won't be bringing anyone so if anyone wants to meet me there i think i can bring 1 person to get the $25 gc!
  11. Thanks for the link hk318!!!

  12. I've only been to SCP once, and I didnt buy anything. AND I only bought one thing at Macys that I can remember, and it was a perfume. So I'm soo confused??? But as I said I'm not complaining. Anyways, one more question. Does Bloomingdales sell coach shoes???
    I really want this in white.
  13. Does anyone know if there's a limit of how many cards they will be giving out? I live 30 miles away and will not be able to go until later on that day and I wonder if it's worth the trip if they run out of cards... thanks
  14. ^^ i doubt they will have a limit since you can only get one if you have one of those invite cards and you can only bring one friend.