$25 for $50 merchandise at Folica.com

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  1. Thanks! I'm going to pick up some Leonor Greyl, though I really wish folica had Oribe (been lusting after the 24K Gold Pomade...).
  2. thank you! picked up some things I've been needing! :smile:
  3. thanks! i've been waiting for one of these. do they ever have their bumble and bumble products re-stocked though?
  4. Thanks DC! I wonder if can be used with a $10 off code I found online? I think its not a one time code: NZRGNAJSCBGDG6EJDBE4
  5. dc cutie u find the best deals i swear lol! you should have a blog with all the cool stuff u find!!!
  6. thankssssssss!!!
  7. Great deal; thanks for sharing!
  8. Did any one try to redeem the code in the promo box? it doesn't work for me.
    It says on the voucher to use the voucher number in the promo box
  9. ^ it doesn't work for me either, it keeps saying promotional code entered is not valid.
  10. I also had voucher problems. After folica's fail attempt to solve the problem, I contacted buywithme's customer service. I emailed them and got a response a couple hours later. I think they've been notified by problems, so they should give you a new, valid code if yours doesn't work :flowers:.