25% Discount Card Avail from FL

  1. Hi- I posted w/i the "woo hoo (lol!)" thread. I got a card in the mail and will not be using it. If you want it, I'll send regular US mail. PM me your address if you'd like it.
  2. Elizat, I just PM'd you, but I may be too slow LOL!
  3. Okay, ladies, it's gone. I hope everybody wanting one can find a card!
  4. I have one. I am in Michigan, don't think that matters, but closer the better i guess for mail.If anybody wants it just let me know! i can get it in the mail tomorrow.

  5. Hope it's not too late.
  6. Just wanted to say that you guys who are sharing your cards are way cool :smile: !
  7. Aww man, I want one. I never had one before. Have fun shopping guys!
  8. Wow, I'm in Fl how do you get one of those cards?