%25 Discount and the Coach Outlet

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  1. I glanced over most of the threads about the 25% coupon- but didnt see this answered. I was wondering if the coupon applies to the outlet stores? I can call and ask, but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has tried to use it at the Coach outlet?

    Also, If anyone has been to the San Marcos, Texas outlet lately- anything good to add?? Any news?
  2. I think I've stumbled across someone say that you cannot use it in the outlets. Don't quote me though.
  3. No outlets, online, phone orders etc.
  4. I had gone to the San Marcos outlet the day after Thanksgiving and they had a lot of great stock. They had a lot of suede totes and the patchwork totes. Was there anything particular that you were looking for? They had some really great items there. I was impressed. :smile: