25% coupon?

  1. I know this is old news, but when were these givin? Who gets them? Where can you use these? Whats the catch? and is it too late for me to get one ;] im late.
  2. I got my most recent one about two weeks ago, along with a call from the store to come in early to pre-purchase what I wanted before the markdown days started. They are sent to frequent Coach store shoppers, plus those who use them when they get them. This one was a surprise, as there wasn't supposed to be another one until December.
  3. [sigh] I want one :sad:
  4. I have one I am not using. I don't know when they expire or whether they can be transferred from one person to another?
  5. I just looked... it expired today. Sowwy
  6. I received my in the mail about a week & 1/2 ago. I really am not sure how people are selected to get one as I'm hereing different things.You can only use them at the full-retail stores, no outlets! The bad thing is you only get like 5 days to use the coupon from June 7 to the 11.
  7. hmm... thats weird, I have well over 30 coach bags, and atleast half of them are from the Coach store, and not the outlet... YET i have never recieved a coupon.
  8. Do you give them your last name to punch in the computer every time you make a purchase there? That's how I think I received mine.. or my SA added me when I asked her if I could get one back in March.
  9. I think the SA adds you. I shop at two different stores, and in a round about way I figured which store (and SA) hooked me up for 25% off. Now I only shop at that one store with that one SA.

    It helps if you buy more than one item at a time. Like a purse and a Keychain, or wallet.
  10. I agree w/ Kiari..I mostly shop at the fair oaks store & use Kerry as my SA & she's the one who got me the coupon in march when I asked for it, she told me she will call when she gets an extra & she came thru..I got the call 2 days before you could use the coupon
  11. Yup! Same exact store, different SA! Fair Oaks is doing something right for their customers. I no longer shop at the Galleria much unless I have to quickly grab something at lunchtime.
  12. I have over 70 different pieces of Coach (handbags, wallets, scarfs, keyfobs, shoes, jewelry, etc). Up until the last year everything was from outlets.....the past year or so I maybe have bought 15-20 things from the outlet store. I just got my first invite earlier this year.
  13. :yes: I guess I need to buy some more stuff then
  14. just realized I said 15-20 things the past year from the outlet store...I meant from the regular store. Before that most of my purchases were outlet purchases. Now they lean more heavily on the full price store.