25% Coupon

  1. 25% off
    your total purchase of $150 or
    more at one of our outlet stores.

    offer good until May 14th, 2007
    one per customer
    factory stores only

    anyone want my coupon? i got it in the mail a few days ago and won't be using it! first person to PM me their info i'll stick it in an envelope for them ASAP.


    make sure you have an outlet nearby! check the outlet thread!
  2. OK, see I may not have read my card when I posted earlier. I thought it was $25 off like the last sale.
  3. HA oh god ur right it is 25 dollars off EEK it's late hehe... i think it's bed time!

    $25 off! woops!
  4. Yeah they USED to give 25% off. It's only lately that they changed it to $25. Which isn't even 10% off most stuff...
  5. congrats whitney let us all know what you get ;)
  6. Thanks Vicious:wlae:
  7. i got a coupon for 50 bucks off your purchase of 200 dollars of more that im not gonna use
  8. i just wanted to say that offering those cupons is a very sweet gesture.
  9. :p thanks! i knew someone would be able to use it! we have some devout dooney ladies here and i was happy to help! i'm on the mailing list so i'm sure there are more where that came from! yay!