25% at SmartBargains.com

  1. great! thanks...i was just thinking about getting a couple of things. :smile:
  2. Damn--sorry I didn't see this yesterday...by the way--be careful when you check out. I had a free shipping link and when I completed my purchase, they had charged me for shipping after all. I emailed customer service, but still haven't heard back.
  3. The sale is through tomorrow (Wed), so still plenty of time to shop.
    susan-eric - I agree - make sure to check both your confirmation page and the confirmation email for the correct total. I did have a couple of glitches with them in the past but this time it worked for me just fine. BTW, you can probably just cancel your order and place a new one through the link to get a discount.
  4. I would do that, but today the item is gone. I think they should have the courtesy to adjust my shipping though--I'm annoyed that I can't even get a response!
  5. Thanks! They have some James Perse stuff I wanted
  6. Thanks for the info! I love shopping at Smart Bargains.
  7. Is there fee shipping code? Thanks!
  8. Thanks!
  9. Thanks so much - Just got a great deal on sheets!
  10. This happened to me last week with a promotional discount. Email them again and cc that email for the ceo's office that they give you when you email them through their website. The ceo's office was much, much quicker to respond and to resolve the problem. I did eventually hear from customer service but it was 4 days later and it took a second email (the one that was cc'ed to the CEO) for the problem to be resolved. You have to be persistent but they really will take care of you.
  11. ^^Yes, they did finally credit the shipping to me--or at least i got an email saying they would do so. It's a small thing--but still--I feel the total you see when you click to complete a purchase shouldn't suddenly change on you...