$$25 American Express card for $250- Westfield

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  1. Till February 14th,
    for every $250 dollars you spend at any Westfield shopping area, you will recieve a $25 american express gift card (has no monthly fees etc.!!)

    the $250 has to be spent within one day.

    bring all your reciepts to the concierge desk.

    - you can also buy gift cards and bring the receipts.
    - they (at UTC mall) do not check if the receipts are all from the same person, so several people can combine receipts to get one gift card:smile:
  2. Not that I am going to do this, but what if you get the gift cards and then return the merchandise later? I would think there is no way the mall can track returns at independent stores.
  3. I was thinking that too actually... but it probably is impossible, cause after my receipts were checked and photocopied, they gave them back to me.
  4. Unless they have a deal with every store that they will not accept a return if you got a gift card, which I think you would have to have in writing. And if you have already used the gift card there is nothing that the mall can do.

    Say you bought something at Macy's and then took it back to a different Macy's in a non westfield mall. I am sure they will not reject your return.
  5. Thanks raz for the info!
  6. Anyone know if there is a link to this offer? I'm trying to figure out if my neighborhood westfield Montgomery mall is participting. I'd like to print out the offer in case the person at he desk claims there is no such offer. :smile:
  7. uh oh. Perhaps I spoke too soon in saying that its in ALL Westfield malls...(how to edit post??) cause, I think Montgomery mall isn't one of them. It should show on the homepage under a "Heart's Desire", and gift with purchase, link.

  8. Awesome! Thank you so much - I think I'm going to hit up UTC this weekend :smile:
  9. I think I'm going to a Westfield this weekend... this is a great deal thanks!
  10. i iwll check it out..thxs
  11. I was just at Westfield Topanga and the concierge knew nothing about this :sad: I spend a lot of money and did not get a gift card :sad: beware!
  12. Looks like it is only for the Westfield in San Diego UTC....
  13. South Coast Plaza does the same thing
    Spend $1000 in one day excluding food and department stores and receive a $100 gift certificate