25 0r 30?

  1. Is there a big difference? I just received the 30 today, thought it too big, however zipper is a bit narrow. Will the 25 I've ordered be too small?

    (Sorry for all the posts on the speedy, I am trying to figure this all out before price increase on Monday!):wacko:
  2. I like the 25 better but that's because the 30 looks too big on me.
  3. 30 looks too big on me too, but I'm not little by any means... 5'9''

    I think the whole bag symetry is off w/the 30. Too much bag, too little handle.....
  4. The 25 is pretty teensy. Seems a big differernce 2 me
  5. I say 30. 30 has a nice proportionate shape to it, while the 25 is kind of odd (but still nice)
  6. that's a good decision!
  7. Go 25!!
  8. Mine is a 25 and it has heaps of room. The 30 looked reaallly big on me and I am 5'2
  9. 30!!
  10. I Say The 30....Let Us Know What You Choose! :smile:
  11. Yippie, go 25 !
  12. If you think the zipper on the 30 is too narrow, you're going to hate the 25. IMO.

  13. The 25 zipper is VERY narrow, much more narrow than the 30.