25% 0ff at saks off 5th....

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  1. Thursday March 15 thru March 19 off 5th has 25% off any one item!!!!
  2. Is this in store only?
  3. I don't think you can access this store online, there in the outlets. That I know of, I could be wrong....
  4. Do you need a coupon?
  5. I just called the Saks in Orange Ca and they said that you do need a coupon. Does anyone have one they can post? I signed up for their mailings like 3 times and they never send me ANYTHING!:shrugs:
  6. does it only apply to Off5th outlet?
  7. Thanks! Saks Off 5th here I come.
  8. Thank you so much:smile:
  9. thank you:smile:
  10. thanks!!!
  11. yes, it's only at the outlet stores.
  12. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You're awesome!! :biggrin:
  13. thank you...i am on my way...