$240Million: Anyone Playing Powerball?

  1. If you live in one of the states that has the Powerball Lottery, you've no doubt heard that tonight's jacket pot is $240Million.:nuts:

    Does anyone play? My coworkers all chip in for tickets & I always give money too, because with my luck, the time I don't play is when the office would win!

    Interesting enough, I just read an article on how many lottery winners declare bankruptcy. The guy who won $315Million a few years ago just filed for bankruptcy! lilsurfergirl: Lottery Winner $315 million - Bankrupt in 4 years
    How on earth do you go through that much money in 4 years?!:shrugs:
  2. Maybe his wife and 12 daughters started purse addiction???
  3. oh man

    that money would poison my already sick mind, i better not lol
  4. I play every wednesday and saturday, and I have yet to win anything substancial (sp?)....of course, I still keep playing!! Got the lotto bug
  5. I'm playing today for sure! I never win anything (3 dollars last time). But maybe today will be my lucky day....well if anyone on tpf won, I'd be excited!!!
  6. I hardly ever play, but since the jackpot is so big, my mom and I each chipped in a few bucks to play. That would be awesome if someone on tPF won - imagine the purses you could buy with that kind of money :graucho: :nuts:
  7. I saw the guy chaning the billboard yesterday. I told my husband and I think he's going to pick up some for fun. =)

    But yeah, how can you blow 113 mill in 4 years. Very poor money management skills. =(
  8. After reading the linked story, it looks as if this guy wasn't too bright to begin with and his family obviously wasn't much better. Money doesn't buy you intelligence, unfortunately.
  9. NEWSFLASH - I will NOT win!
    Don't have the lottery in Vegas cause the casinos are too greedy & won't let the law pass.
  10. That guy lives (or lived) about 5 miles from me. He's always in the news for being arrested, assaulting someone, getting sued, being robbed, driving drunk, etc. One of the best stories in the headlines was when he had a couple hundred thousand on him and got drugged and robbed by a stripper at a club. His granddaughter was murdered (or overdosed - we don't know for sure) and his wife left him. It's safe to say that money was not the answer for that man.
  11. I never win anything..lol..so I dont bother!
  12. Good luck people! I always play in California, and I always get 3 numbers right!
  13. i usually don't play until jackpots get over $300million. (no, i don't know why...i could use 1 million just as well as $300million. :smile:)

    there's a work pool i chipped in on this week though.
  14. There was one winning ticket last night in Missouri.:nuts: Congrats to the winner. It sure as heck wasn't me! I didn't even get one number out of the 7 tickets I bought. Talk about unlucky!
  15. I won $11. Woo Hoo!!!:p