24 year olds....who work full time

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  1. What is your personal style.....?
  2. well at the moment i'm wearing a persimmon h&m shell top, black cropped jacket, black layered skirt, leggings and flip flops. although if i didnt have a bum ankle i'd be in proper heels. i alternate between more boho styles and corporate matching suits depending on my mood. but my office is quite flexible on their dress code. no jeans, trainers, strappy tops, tube tops, etc. we aren't supposed to wear flip flops but i get a pass because of my bum ankle.
  3. I am trying to work on wearing more heels even though Im 5'8"
  4. there are super stylish flats or low heels that you can find :smile:
  5. My style varies, depending on what I have planned for that day. When I conduct orientations, my outfits normally consist of pencil skirts or pants and nice blouses and tops, always CL pumps...lol. On Tuesday I don't interview, so I'm very casul. My every other day outfits, I wear skinny black pants or wideleg pants, with really cute tops and button ups. No suits...yet. I live in my Chanel Cambon flats or lanvin flats...I only wear heels when I have to.
  6. I'm 23 and I work in a business casual office. I wear heels everyday, mostly becuase I'm only 5'2''. I'm so short, everyone here towers over me! :lol: At the moment, I love pairing heels with capris, the look is SO cute! My wardrobe consists of mostly neutral colors, like black, browns, whites, grays with a small smattering of vibrant colorful pieces. I also love cardigans, thick woven belts, and vests, because they can go with anything and totally dress up an outfit.
  7. I'm 23 and although I'm working part-time from home now, when I worked in an office, it was very casual. I always wore jeans and tops, though not really t-shirts. This was in Malibu, though, which is on the beach, so the dress code is a lot more casual.
  8. I'm 25 and have to wear scrubs to work, but I WISH I could dress up for my job !! Especially since I've accumulated a lot of "office-type" pants, blouses, and SHOES over the years (I have this thing for boots, too). Now that I'm a mommy, too, my uniform consists of PJs, workout fits, scrubs *SIGH* haha

    btw, lunatwinkle I love that new RM clutch in your pics and that dress!!
  9. I'm 24 and work full time. So I guess I fit your question perfectly. Well, my office is casual. Not even business casual, just casual. I wear jeans basically everday and a cute top. If I feel like dressing up a bit I'll wear heels but don't do that often since my walk from my car to the train platform is about 3 blocks. At my office if you dress up they ask you if you are going on a job interview!

    Today I'm wearing jeans, flip flops, and a 3/4 sleeve top from Old Navy. Sometimes I wish my office had a dress code so I could wear nicer things but I think that would get annoying quickly.
  10. i am 25 and work in a business casual environment. i am lazy. i hate ironing, and i hate the dry cleaners. i usually wear dress pants, heels, and a nice sweater over a cami. when i'm really lazy, i wear a dress with heels.
  11. I work in a business casual environment. My style switches up all the time. it can go from trendy to preppy.

    Ralph Lauren button downs, slacks and flats


    pencil skirt, blouse and wide belt at the waist with low heels.

    But my style is generally simple, and I like to dress up the look with accessories. belts, earrings, bracelets...etc.
  12. Cute flats, dress pants, and a "dressed up" sweater/blouse or a button up with cute jewelry.
  13. Aww, thanks xxmahal! I :love: it too.
  14. I'm 25 and work in a conservative environment, mostly I'm in classic A line skirts, mid heeled pumps and dressy tops/blouses
  15. My office is business casual (stress casual) so my style varies daily. Sometimes I wear summer dresses with cardigans and other days I pair slacks with plain vivrant colored tanks/tshirts. Last year I used to wear a lot of button downs but haven't worn any since spring. I made sure to stock up on cute cardigans & pashminas because offices are usually so COLD!!!!

    *Oh, & I forgot to add that I'm 25