24 was awesome!!!

  1. Hi everyone. I am new here. I thought I would start a new thread. I do not want to post any spoiler info in case people have not yet seen the whole thing, but wasn't it unreal??? I just could not believe the end!!!

    Just wanted to add that if you Google 24 you get the homepage and there is an episode by episode blow by blow from the first season until now, so that you can keep up. I actually thought that it began tonight and missed last night :sad: But, I read the blow by blow and was caught up, so I knew what was going on. :yahoo: It has be the best show on TV in years. Wow! I have to say I thought the writers would run out of things to write to make it good but I was not disappointed!
  2. I agree! Jaw-dropping ending! And can you believe the season premiere dvd is on sale tomorrow?!
  3. My eyes were bugging out at the ending!!!
  4. I couldn't believe the last 4 MINUTES!!! My husband and I just sat there for a minute with our mouths open like idiots :shocked:

    I can't wait until next wk!!
  5. this is the first time i saw this show.. i can say that they have a new fan in me....
  6. I couldn't believe what Jack had to do to Curtis, either!! Between that and the end, well, I just would have never thought the writers would do that, but it is real, for sure!! Now what will they do next??
  7. Ok, but the million-dollar-question is whether Curtis is dead...
  8. I agree it is the most awesome show on tv! It is the only one that has good episodes each week, with other shows always look more exciting in the previews.

    24 rules! :yahoo:
  9. after the end, i was like, wow, isn't that sort of the end of the story? where can they go from here...? but then next wk's previews revealed their future direction......and yowza!!! there're more??!?!! can't wait til next week!!!!!

    every episode rocks, but geez the waiting sucks!!!!
  10. Yeah, it was hard to tell! That scene was awesome, but so not what I expected at all!
  11. My thoughts, exactly. Seems pretty extreme to get Jack back in the game..lol.
  12. I freakin LOVED this show!I tvoed it and watched all 4hours straight last night...It was AMAZING..DYING to see if he killed Curtis and I thought it was cool to see Jack working with the bad guy as well..It was Jaw dropping!
  13. ^^^Me too! :yes:

    I am so glad Curtis is gone. (And he IS gone.) Whenever Jack needed him, all he could ever say was, "I'll never get there in time." Hello? You're a CTU agent. Deal with the L.A. traffic, dude.

    What I really wanna know is, will Audrey be back???? (Her show on ABC was cancelled, after all.) Or will Jack the hottie have a new love interest??? :graucho:
  14. DH and I got hooked on this show last year. It's funny how we love the show but we also make fun of it ... you know, Jack's cell phone always has excellent coverage, the battery never dies, and Chloe can access ANYTHING anytime she wants, EVERYWHERE! :p
  15. I LOVE this show!