24 Trailor - anyone seen it?!

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  1. :yahoo: Ok, so I LOVE 24 - LOVE. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Something about Jack Bauer man - I find him SO sexy :drool: . Kiefer Sutherland, no - but JACK BAUER - oooohhhhh-eeeeeeeee! :love: I have seen every episode of 24 since it began - I LOVE the show - but the trailor for the new season...hmm... I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it - but it looks kinda stupid...no?

    Regardless, I'm PSYCHED for 24 to come back :yahoo: . Anyone know the exact date it'll come to a tv screen near you?
  2. Me, too! He's just sooooo :love: :love: :love: :love:
    Not seen the trailer - Season 5 dvd is out next week (here in England) and
    I never watch it week-by-week....just have 24 episodes back to back on DVD....hmmm, it's a Bauerathon!
  3. Haha me neither! I've watched them ALL back to back on DVD! I tried last season to watch them episode for episode weekly - but it was impossible and didn't give me the same thrill. I waited until they came out on DVD. :P
  4. trailer link here ;)

    YouTube - 24 Season 6 Trailer=

    it looks like its gonna be fantastic :biggrin:

    I wished I lived in the States! roll on January
  5. I saw it!! (well, as much as you can see on a semi broad band connection).

    You know, before Jack Bauer, I was never a fan of Kiefer Sutherland. But now... Kiefer is Jack Bauer!!! Of course, he's probably gonna be typecast the rest of his life but I don't care ;)

    As for the trailer... here's my reaction: :wtf::supacool:

  6. i saw the trailer and i can't wait!! but i'm not sure if i should watch it week-by-week. it's going to be so hard!!! the wait would kill me.

    i am in love with jack bauer. he is so amazing :love: not so much keifer sutherland. i met him once and he didn't seem so nice but i love his voice.
  7. i'm trying to decide if i should watch it week by week this season (it seems like one of the show's fox will put on the internet). i think the suspense might kill me though. i have a hard enough time waiting 2 days for the netflix to come back. :smile:

    season 5 is out on DVD!!! :yahoo: in God we trust, but God trusts jack bauer. :love:
  8. I find that trailer unintentionally funny. Does anyone else?
  9. oooh! i can't wait!!!! i love this series, i always watched mine on DVD and prefer to watched them 24 hrs straight too to get more of the feeling.
  10. :heart: your avatar! :graucho:
  11. I :heart: Jack Bauer!!!! I've watched 24 since the beginning. It's so addictive, I NEVER miss an episode. I hardly watch TV, let alone any program on a regular basis and 24 is my favorite show. Jack is such a stud:love: . I don't know about the trailer though, I'm sure the season will be great, they all are. I can't wait till January!!!!
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