24 Season 6 Info

  1. No spoilers, just some interesting news! Airs from Jan 2007

    If rumours are to be believed, Wayne Palmer will be president :wtf: , Aaron Pierce will still be head of security at the White House, and one of the baddies is going to be Eddie Izzard which is a strange departure for him as he is a comedian. Jacks estranged father comes into it in this season, and it is the amazing James Cromwell (LA confidential, and Babe!), I really thought if they ever bought his dad in they would actually cast Donald Sutherland :crybaby: how cool would that have been!

    Instead of Jack saving the country, it is supposedly going to be much more based on Jack saving himself and keeping alive rather than any major terror plots.

    Roll on January :roflmfao: I am missing my Jack Fix :shame:
  2. wayne palmer :wtf: ??? at least kim isn't going to be president, now that would be something else :roflmfao:
  3. god yep, she could possibly be the only person dumber to run the country than bush :biggrin: ;)
  4. ooh or they could have that creepy looking shrink of hers be president :wtf:

    i hate how everyone good gets killed off :mad:

    nina for president!

  5. oh gosh, yep, now he was a creepy, pervy looking guy!

    I liked that they bought Chloe's ex hubby Morris in though, he is back too on season 6, we think he has alot of potential!!!! :biggrin:
  6. oooh he looked fun :biggrin:

    i hope they bring mandy back.. since bringing nina back isn't the most realistic of options.
  7. You're funny. I :heart: 24 and can't wait to see Jack again.
  8. I can't wait! It already feels soo long.
  9. Can't wait 'til Jan 07.
  10. OK, i just wanted to say that i :heart::heart::heart: 24!!! i never watch it before. my friend gave me a copy of season 1 & just started watching this weekend. and let me tell you, i am so glued it's so crazy! the suspense, the story line, just genius! can't believe i'm so out of the loop and never seen 24. i'm about to finish season 1 and i know i have lots more to go but ahhh, that's what i've been doing all weekend, glued to the tv. i can't wait to finish the 5th and be ready for the 6th!i love jack bauer!:girlsigh: he is my hero ... hehe.
  11. Can't wait for January so we can find out what happened to poor Jack. Am I the only one who TiVOs it and watches 3 to 4 episodes at a time? :heart:
  12. I would love to sky plus it and watch a few, but knowing that it is on is too much for me and I watch it and then have to wait for the week!

    The best way to watch them is like nat-attak when you just discover it! you can lose days just watching one after the other :biggrin:
  13. i love 24. that's the best tv show i've ever seen. can't wait till jan either.
  14. I also absolutely :heart: :heart: :heart: 24!! Can't wait for January now!!:yes: