24 Hour Fitness any good?

  1. My sister's been bugging me to join so she doesn't have to go alone. Are their classes any good because that's probably the only thing I'd use.

    I don't know - $40 a month just for classes? Seems like it could be a good deal but would I be forgoing quality for quantity? All you 24 hour fitness members (former/current) please help me decide!
  2. [FONT=&quot]the classes are awesome. but I would suggest getting a day pass first and see how you like the gym. I belong to the larkspur, CA club and its offal. I would say its 80% men which makes it so uncomfortable as to get any of the classes, you have to walk by the weights which is always full of guys. I hate how they all turn their heads and stair as you walk by. I have not gone to the gym in about 4 months due to how uncomfortable the environment is at 24.[/FONT]
  3. I bet each center varies-- I would go see what kind of trial pass they have to offer and then try it out. Check around where you live for other gyms and prices :yes:
  4. I heard that it really depends on the location. Like Megs said take some time to visit the ones in your area. I'm sure you could get 2 week pass and see first hand what they are like.
  5. You can get a free 10 pass. I belong to 24hour fitness and I go 4 days a week. I take the classess as well as doing cardio and weights.
  6. Check it out....Mine is a good one:smile:
  7. Yeah, definitely check out the location. The reason I've never joined 24 Hr Fitness is that every location I've been to is super duper crowded and a meat market. I feel intimated going as is, and when I walk in and see a bunch of leering eyes and can never find an empty elliptical, I never want to go back. I've instead joined Gold's Gym and LA Fitness, which were both less crowded in my area. Good luck - $40/mo is not expensive IF you go to classes often! :smile: