24, Faubourg - Welcome back...

  1. :welcome:
  2. Yay!!!! Welcome back Lucy!!!! :yahoo: :party: :drinks: :drinkup:
  3. Glad to hear you finally made the decision to come back. Remember our promise???!! ;)
  4. Awww Vlad, thank you SO much for replying to my message so promptly.

    Thanks, Kou.

    I admit that I am blubbering. LOL Thank you all so much. This thread wasn't necessary; I was actually hoping to "slip back in" quietly, but heck, a little fanfare doesn't hurt.

    I'll post a little apology later. Gotta pick up my son from school. It's wonderful to be back.

  5. Ahhh, finally ! SHE'S BACK ! I LOVED reading her posts !
  6. Birkingal, yeah, I remember... Birkingal said she'd beat my butt with a paddle oar if I come out blasting again. ;)
  7. Lucy, So glad you're back !
  8. Welcome back Lucy!
  9. LUCY! you're back! we missed you and your lovely pics and educational info as well.........

  10. None of that here. :happydance:
  11. YAY!!!! Welcome back Lucy! We really missed you around here--although DH was probably thankful for your absence--without your gorgeous photos, there has been a *slight* slowdown in my H-buying! Hope to see more soon!
  12. I'm so embarrassed. LOL I'm literally shaking.

    Anyway, before I post anything else, here's what I wrote to Vlad just a few minutes ago:

    Dear Vlad,

    How are you? I am writing to ask if you would reconsider my membership. I have discussed this with former fellow tPFers and feel that I overreacted when I asked to be banned from the forum. You were right; it would have been best to simply log off and take a break. I'm afraid I was too much of a hothead and I apologize for making you and the mods work extra hard to smooth out the msbroberts fiasco. For this, I am sorry and hope you would reinstate my membership.

    If something like this happens again, I will be sure to leave everything to the mods; and if I take things personally I will just step back and take a breather.

    I wrote this to ***** (Greentea) yesterday and she suggested I include this in my message to you:

    > I, Lucy, promise that if I get reinstated into tPF and encounter more
    > scammers and trolls, will not get out the big guns and do another Charles
    > Bronson on everyone. I will keep my guns tucked safely inside my authentic
    > bags.

    So there, I am crawling back to tPF and hope that you will give me a second chance. =) If not, I will understand completely. Thank you!

    Kind Regards,


    I also owe everyone an apology for being involved in the "drama" we had about a month ago, so I'll take care of that as soon as possible, okay?
  13. Welcome back! We missed all your pretty pictures! I'm glad you were reinstated!! Thanks Vlad !!
  14. Welcome back!! Thanks for coming back!! GLAD YOU"RE HERE!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. Welcome back Lucy! You were definitely missed around here!