24 Faubourg Report

  1. Well I’ve been back from Paris for a couple of weeks & am yet to post a report. I STILL haven’t taken pics of anything but promise I will (eventually – I’m not much of a photographer!).

    The biggest thing to report, for those of you who don’t know, is that I did place an order for my first birkin. :yahoo: After all the months of planning & stress & worrying about coming away from Paris empty handed...... It took all of 10 mins on the first day to place a birkin order!!! Honestly, all the SAs at the mothership were extremely helpful every time we went there. So to anyone planning a trip and worrying about playing the games you might have to play in other stores: Forget it! As long as you are not demanding & rude, I have no doubt that you will be very pleased by the level of service at the store and will not come away disappointed.

    Before going to Paris I thought I wanted a birkin in ebene or similar colour and ended up ordering gold fjord with PHW in a 35 after falling in love with this leather/colour combo on a 32cm plume that the SA showed me. I really wanted an everyday type of birkin that would maintain its shape & gold is one of the colours that suits my wardrobe. I’m sure I will probably not buy any clothes that WOULDN’T suit it now! I really wanted chevre but no go. :sad: The SA told me that she had put in an order for a chevre 35 for another customer that had been turned down by the workshop, and didn’t know when it would be on offer again...
    I did want to come home with a birkin ('Specially taking a carry-on bag over there that I was prepared to throw out!) but there wasn’t anything that suited me during the 5 days we were in Paris. I didn’t go home empty handed though. I also picked up 2 35cm scarves, a full-size cashmere shawl and a black/gold H belt with guilloche buckle.

    The week we were there I was offered 3 croc birkins (as well as with diamonds – as if!) in chocolate, havane & graphite. So it is possible to score these off the street if you happen to be there at the right time. I also noticed that there were a few 25cm birkins coming in (including lizard in fuschia & choc box with cyclamen trim) so perhaps these are becoming more popular. I saw 2 girls carrying them in the store.

    I also saw a few ladies with lindys and after seeing them IRL I think I am in love. I detested them from pics, so this is one bag you really have to try on in the flesh before deciding… I think all the ones I saw were swift: orange, black, gold, etoupe, blue jean. The gold swift was TDF! The 34cm is 3400 euro & the smaller one 3250. I noticed on this trip that most of the women I saw in Paris were carrying 30cm birkins so perhaps the larger bags are not as popular there(?).

    I also saw some BEAUTIFUL kellys. There are SO many, and the stock can change a lot in a day so if you are after a Kelly you just have to go to the store every day. My favourite was the 32 sellier vert anis chevre. There were also lots of swift kellys in many colours and also a few togo kellys (blue jean, chocolate), as well as a couple in VL (both ebene). I saw 2 orange swifts being purchased on different days.

    For ostrich lovers I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper in Paris too. There was a fuschia Ostrich plume which must have been a 32 but looked even bigger: 7300 euro, and I saw a very well turned out lady buying a cognac ostrich bolide 31 for 7800. It was divine! Most of the time I walked around in what DH called “the orange haze” so I probably missed a lot . :lol:

    Needless to say, Paris was PERFECT again - except for both getting sick & then DH spending 5 days in hospital on our return(!). It was still worth it & I can hardly believe that I have a birkin on the way that is supposed to be ready no later than June! BTW, I was surprised to see that the building works at the mothership (which will eventually be double the size - WOOHOO!) which we witnessed in September look no closer to completion. of course, they must be closer but it didn't look that way. I was anticipating that it would somehow be finished when we went back this time. Does anyone know the expected completion date? I suppose they will have a big grand opening !:graucho:
  2. Thanks for the report, Paris seems to be the place to be if you want a Birkin in a hurry. Congratulations on your order, sounds divine!
  3. Congrats on ur first birkin order!!! Sounds like ur trip was divine!!! Sorry about u getting sick and ur DH winding up in the hospital! Hope u and he are doing better! OHHHH, how I miss Pareeee.... 24 Faubourg was where I obtained my first and only birkin (so far)!!! So YES, it's not called the Mother Ship for nothing!
  4. Thanks for the report and congratulations on your SO. It sounds as thought your birkin will be fabulous.
  5. Thanks for the fantastic report xquisite! Glad to hear that there was an abundance of Kellys; the Vert Anis Kelly sounds divine. I'm getting really excited now! Hope you and DH are all better; getting sick overseas is so stressful.
  6. Congratulations. It was my impression too that in Paris the inventory was so plentiful that all the SAs were so nice.
  7. Tremendous report, xquisite, thanks very much. I'm itching to visit Paris!! Esp. after your comments. Congrats on your Birkin SO!
  8. xquisite, thanks for the comprehensive field report! I'll have about an hour there next week (tight schedule), so your update is getting me in the "Faubourg mood." Did you see many bolides?
  9. YAY! Loved the report, xquisite.....can't wait to see your Birkin!
  10. Yes, quite a few bolides. I remember some mou bolides in clemence and of course the ostrich ones. Are you hoping to get a bolide while you're there, mizzle?
  11. I'd love a black chevre bolide 31 or a black chevre 30 birkin...chevre seems almost impossible to come by these days (even in Paris, I've learned from your report). So now I'm thinking fjord, which is a totally different look. The question is: how much can happen in an hour at the boutique? Probably way too much, lol!

    Can't wait to see your gold fjord birkin! It really does seem like the perfect gold bag.
  12. Exciting trip! I hope your DH is on the mend. Look forward to seeing your pics. Thanks so much for the thorough update!
  13. Wow - xquisite sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to see your Birkin!
  14. Excellent report, Xquisite!!! Your gold fjord Birkin is going to be a real beauty. Can't wait for you to get it!

    Regarding the Lindys, did you prefer the 34 or the 30? Ooh, the gold swift one, did it have contrasting white stitching? Great pricing there in Paris!
  15. Did you by any chance, see a 50cm birkin(full of hope).