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  1. Well first off, I have to say thanks for actually giving up time to listen to me rant.. but its sort of a serious thing, and I need help.

    Well my mom (whos a single parent) is leaving for the Phillipines in less than a week. I was supposed to stay at home alone, while my sister takes care of my grandma (who had brain surgery a year ago, and is a little off?) at her house in San Diego.

    Well a week or so back, me, my mom and my grandma went to Swap meet, and my mom ran into one of her auntys. Her aunty said that she's been taking care of my sisters newly born son, so my mom asked why? Reason being, my sister went back to school to finish her classes, because things were getting a little tight, and she needed help. Well, in her house its just her and her son, her husband is out for west pack or something and wont be back till next month.

    BUT ANYWAYS.. today, me and my mom went shopping, and we come back home, and my grandma was on her bed sleeping with blood dripping down her head! My mom asked why, she said she slipped while taking a shower. So now, here I am ranting, because I have to go to SD instead of being alone for 3 weeks! I mean thats liberty to do anything, on top of that my one year with my BF is coming in exactly a week, so that makes me want to stay here.

    Well anyways, if my grandma goes to SD, I have to go and watch her just incase things happen while my sister is out at school. If she goes alone and something happens, then I dont think my family will forgive me.. OR she could stay at home with me, but then if I go out, she'll go crazy worrying about me. Either way im stuck with my grandma..

    Me and my grandma have a bad relationship, we always get on each others nerves, and it sucks. I love my grandma with all my heart, but sometimes Im just not too fond.

    Well anyways what should I do? Go with my grandma to SD to watch her and ditch my FIRST one year anniversary? Or Stay here, have my one year, and just forget bout whats happening with my grandma?

    My mom also said she would also make her sister come down to watch my grandma at MY house. When I asked if she could come down but stay in SD she said no.. weird?

    WELL anyways, again thanks for anyone who read this. Help me do the right thing. What would you do? I know this is confusing buy I wrote this all while crying.. :cry:
  2. why dont you go and take care of your granmother, and on the day of you anniversary, organise with someones else or hire a nurse to take care of her for that day, and enjoy it cos it wouldnt be fair on either of you
  3. 1) where are you from originally outside of san diego?

    and this is my advice:
    If you really do love your grandma with all your heart, i think that you should make the effort make sure she is safe, it's you said 3 weeks? So if your boyfriend can drive, maybe he can drive down and your sister can take a day off OR celebrate it on a weekend andy your sister can watch your grandma.

    i hope all turns out well!
  4. Im from Long Beach, about two hours away.

    My mom said she'd pay me to take care of my grandma, but I also heard money is tight for my mom too.. so I said no to the money part.

    It sucks, because everything was planned perfectly a couple weeks back, and now its all ruined.
  5. OH, I'm sorry about what happened to your grandma. Even if you and your grandma have a bad relationship, family comes first. We have to make sacrifices sometimes. I'm sure your boyfriend will understand.
  6. Please look after your grandma. All the best to her.
  7. I think you need to put your grandmother first in this case, even though it will mean cancelling plans you were really looking forward to. Years from now you will look back and feel proud that you did the right thing. You should also make plans to celebrate your anniversary in a special way--just a little bit late. For example, plan your celebration for the anniversary of 13 months instead of a year. Then you can look forward to this special day the entire time you are taking care of your grandma.

    Good luck!
  8. Yeah im gonna take care of my grandma, I made a little deal with my mom, I said I would take care of her, as long as I get to go out anytime I want to this summer.

    Sounds good?

    AND I told my BF, hes cool with it. We're gonna celebrate our one year some other way.
  9. Thanks again everyone =]
  10. I hate to sound like a *****, but do you even have to ask? The anwser is obvious. Your grandma is important. Regardless of your relationship with her, family comes first.


    actually, I do want to sound like a *****. Get your priorities straight.

    and you had to make a deal with your mom as a incentive for taking care of your grandma..?

  11. Your grandmother is family and to put it straight, you might not have enough time/ chances to spend with your Grandma. The anniversary might be important but I believe that you only have one Grandma and no matter how bad your relationship is with her, you should still take time out not just to take care of her but also to give your mom a piece of mind because I'm sure she feels safe with you caring for her.

    Just my 2cts.
  12. That is a tough decision. NOT. I'm speechless.
  13. Was this question for real?
  14. why is everyone giving reynald the 3rd degree? I have alot of family problems and one aunt inparticular was sick i would never take care of her, she had done awful stuff to my family and she deserves no sympathy, basiclly we do not know the full story so we really shouldnt be giving you advice
  15. wow...i agree with timtimtim :amazed: poor grandma
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