1. I am sooo mad.. my bluefly order was sent to the wrong address!! How the f*ck do you get 80 OShage from 8 O'Shaughnessy? F*cking DHL never even called me to confirm the address, they only had my f*cking phone #!
    Sorry for the profanity...I"m just so pissed. What's worse is that someone signed for it and now has my Gucci passport holder. I contacted bluefly right away and now they're going to send DHL to track the package and try to get it back for me. Worst part is I ordered a second item from bluefly, a wallet just the other day and now I know I'm going to have a problem with that too! The CS rep told me to call DHL this time to confirm the address so it doesn't happen again. :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::cursing::cursing::cursing:

  2. Wow! Can't believe someone signed for your bag. Hope you can get it back.
  3. totally not your fault and if it comes up not being found... they should DEFINATELY refund your money back to you. Soo not right!!! Sorry this happened to you.
  4. Just got off the phone with DHL they said their station is located in the city where my package was delivered that's why it shows it was delivered to South Hackensack, NJ...but when I pointed out the address to which it was delivered, she shut up. I asked her why I wasn't contacted if there was a discrepancy in the address and she said that they wouldn't have noticed until I called about it after the fact! WTF?? I asked her how I can prevent this from occurring again for my second package and she said it's simply 'human error' that even if I called and confirmed the address is correct and the stupid ass driver drops it off somewhere else, that can't be prevented and 'everyone makes mistakes'....GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! She said that they're going to send the driver out tomorrow to recover my package and if that fails then they will contact bluefly and file a lost package claim. F*cking DHL sucks! I'm not so worried about this package since it was $149ish and though bluefly doesn't have anymore they better be sure to reimburse me.
  5. i would be mad too...!!! And thank goodness it didn't cost more. Hopefully the people that recieved it in error will do the right thing and return it. I know, i sure would!! It's not theirs and they have no right to claim it. Who knows, they might have called DHL and reported the error too. Just imagine if it were $300 or more.. i would be mad as heck. Even at $150, i would still be mad. money is money.. i don't care how much something is. If it's mine and i paid for it, then it should belong to me. Hang in there and keep us posted. :flowers:
  6. OMG! I had a problem with DHL today and my bluefly package too. DHL tracking said it needed more address information and when I called to talk to customer service, they had my address exactly right. For some reason, the driver decided that it wasn't a correct address. Now I don't even know when it will be delivered. AAAArrrrgh! DHL sucks!

    I hope they find your package. Let us know what happens.
  7. Yea, I really hate DHL. So sorry to hear about your trouble! Hopefully it all works out.
  8. ugh, I've had problems with DHL also (except it wasn't bags, it was my birth control lost for over a week! I was like "I'd kind of like those on time!")

    It's so weird, I hear issues with that all the time. You'd think they would smarten up and fix what is creating the errors!
  9. First of all, shame on someone signing for your package when they most likely were not expecting something from Bluefly!! Hopefully when the driver shows back up at that address to get your package back, everything goes well and they get it delivered to you that day. I would definitely keep on top of DHL until you have BOTH items in your hands. Good luck, I hope everything works out!
  10. Update: Good news. The package was retrieved and sent to my MIL's house. It was rescheduled for 1 something this afternoon but my MIL said it came around 11 this am. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure this is the package that got diverted. Only thing is she's not home right now and she can't open the package till tomorrow when she gets home. I just want to be sure the item's in the box and it hasn't been meddled with. Will keep you guys posted. I'm going to see her tomorrow. The other purchase hasn't been sent out yet; bluefly told me that it won't be sent out till the 15th cuz of stocking issues?? My order confirmation says 2 to 4 business days! That's today or tomorrow but I've not yet received a shipment confirmation. This better not happen with my other order or I swear to never shop bluefly again so long as the continue to use DHL.

    WTF is up with drivers thinking that it's the wrong address, that they know where it's SUPPOSED TO GO? I'll tell them where to go!
  11. Yeah I had a friend who received a package a whole few weeks later (nothing tt do with DHL or Bluefly). It had "Singapore" written down at the bottom but for some reason the post office thought Singapore was in Hongkong. So it went to Hongkong then to Singapore. LOL.
  12. im glad everything is working out ok... i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya :smile:
  13. wow that sucks! i've heard bad stories about DHL in several posts. glad to hear that it has been retrieved and update us on your 2nd shipment! wish you all the best!! don't let it get you down :smile:
  14. Wait, Hong Kong is in Japan, isn't it ;)

    Those people need to study geography!
  15. Good news to report! MY passport holder did arrive at my MILs ok and the box was not meddled with. I just picked it up today. Whew! Good thing I caught the error in time I guess. Hopefully my wallet purchase doesn't get fouled up!