227 reissue & classic jumbe... what is the differences ???

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  1. Hii ladies :smile:
    i have the 227 reissue and going to buy the jumbo classic, but first would like to know: what are the major differences between them in terms of:

    . dimensions
    . length of the chain
    . heavy

  2. The bag is a bit bulkier, heavier, and the chain has interwoven leather and is a bit longer too.
  3. Are you gonna' get the 227 in metallic?
  4. Thank you All!!

    no am going to get the jumbo classic :smile:

    i want the exact measurements of their dimensions & the length of the chain please :heart:
  5. Check ou reference section.
  6. I believe the 227 is bigger dimension wise than the jumbo...but the jumbo is bulkier?? What fits more? Is the 227 a double flap? Thanks guys :smile:
  7. Hi Chanelle:

    The jumbo definitely has a much longer chain, which you can wear across your body. As to weight, it depends. The caviars are lighter than the patent leathers, for example. Also, the hardware used can make a difference. I don't know about the dimension-wise, but if my memory serves me correctly, jumbos are taller and more narrow and 227 reissues may be slightly wider and shoter. The nice thing about the jumbos, which I love is the long chain and no flap = less weight, less fussin'.

  8. Just for reference, I am 5'1 and the Jumbo looks really bulky and long on me but somehow the 227 is perfectly fine... although both are 12 inches in length.
  9. Agree, I always felt the Jumbo looks bigger than the 227.
  10. Thank you for all of you lovely gurls ;)
    appreciate all your inputs :heart:

    i have the 227 reissue and just bought a jumbo & both are great on me :tup: