227 Question

  1. My out of state SA (and quickly becoming my favorite)
    has a black metallic 227 for me on hold. She is sending it when I get back from vacation to my Neimans so I can pick it up. BUT my question is, how is that some of the ones posted on this site, the strap is longer enough to wear across the body, but yet she is telling me no.
    I played with one last night at Short Hills and it wasn't long enough to sling across the body. Regardless I want the bag, but just curious if I was going insane.I keep hearing the old ones were long enough, but everyone seems to be purchasing them fairly recently, so how is it that the one I saw last night isn't?
  2. i want to know too. my cousin went to chanel and the SA said you can increase the length. anyone heard of this before?
  3. you wear the chain doubled if you want it short and you pull one strap all the way out (so the other strap is touching the bag) if you want it long -- make sense? it works like this for all double chain strap chanel flap bags.
  4. ^^ i know what you mean but the SA said if you want to increase the length of the chain Chanel can increase it by adding extra mental chain onto the exciting chain. Like a watch you can reduce or increase the bank according to the size of your wrist.

    i'm confuse now...i def never heard of this before
  5. I have the metallic reissue in 227 and I can wear across my body and I am 5'10. Like mentioned previously all you have to do is pull the chain all the way up so one is touching the bag. I know the new timeless classic bags are coming in a new shorter length (this season) with double handles so you cannot wear across your body, but i have only seen them in lambskin and cavier not metallic. I would get the metallic bag and play with it at home, you can always return it if its not what you expected.
  6. I have the 227, yes you can wear it like a messenger bag with single chain, but personally I won't do that as it sits slightly on top of my hips a bit odd for me.I am 5'55

    Never heard of extending the chain with extra metal.
  7. you definitely can wear it across the body, however like IceEarl said, its not THE longest chain and the bag kinda rests on my hips when i wear it messenger style. I'm around 5'5, 5'6 for reference. i've taken pics of my 227 being worn in a variety of ways in my thread here: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/nightshades-new-loot-174669.html

    And i've never heard of adding extra chain lengths to a chanel strap either!
  8. the chain on the 227 is long enough to wear cross body. So is the 226.
  9. Yes you can wear it messenger style. I have no idea what bag you are describing that can have links added.
  10. Luccibag-I called Chanel to see if the link method was true. They basically laughed at me. Um. I guess if I want to make it longer I will be sodoring the links on myself.....thank god I have a welders who work for me.....
  11. The chain on the 227 reissue is definitely shorter than the jumbo. That's actually the reason why I didn't get it (got a 226 AND a jumbo instead :smile: You can wear it cross-body but I like my cross-body bags to sit lower, below the hip. I think the 227 sits more on the lower stomach area and looks weird, imho.