227 Metallic Black is here...! PICS!

  1. I got my metallic black! finally!! after much waiting, here she is. i had to get her charge sent by my lovely boutique SA as the Houston boutique only received 2- 226's and they're gone now! :wtf:

    This is my first reissue in the 227 size, it's quite nicely sized. i like it.. :smile: i'm 5', size 0/00 and have a short torso.






    :heart: This is definitely my last Chanel bag of the year or ever. I feel very satisfied with my collection now (8), Fendi RTW is now sucking me in.... eeek!!!
  2. WOW it looks so pretty on you congrats!!
  3. thanks pufpuf!! this confirms that short girls can pull off the 227 quite nicely!! ;)
  4. congrats! It looks great on you.
  5. Looks fabulous on you! This should be the crown jewel on the top of your stack of flaps! Actually, that is a good question, which re-issue is your absolute (no pun intended!) favorite??
  6. looks wonderful on you!! congrats!!
  7. ohmyyyy i cannot wait to get mine!!!!! it looks great on you!!
  8. absolutanne - You look fab with that bag! I love metallic black and it's great that you can dress it up or down!
  9. beautiful bag!
  10. Anne!! You look amazing with the 227 size, wow! :nuts: :heart: I'm probably getting this in the 226 size, but your modeling pics are making me reconsider the 227 size! I was wondering... can a sunglasses case (Chanel, or whatever) fit inside the reissue? I've never seen the 227 IRL, and my Jumbo's fit the case, so I was just wondering if the depth is comparable to that of the Jumbo. :smile:
  11. Very nice.....I esp love the chain!!!!
  12. Very nice!!!!!! Lucky girl.
  13. o it's so beautiful! i can't wait to get mine too!!!!!
  14. LOVES!!!! It looks so gorgeous on you!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  15. Looks amazing on you! I can't wait to get mine in 226 next week!