227 in black distressed calfskin

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  1. HI guys,

    I recently bought a 227 in black distressed calfskin with silver (also distressed) hardware. Does any of you know if its a 2009 or 2008 model?

    Also, I am looking for a 228 in dark silver. Do you know where I can find one?

    Thank you so much for your help.
  2. It's part of the permanent collection.
  3. I saw one 228 DS on ebay for around 4k with BIN and 3k for auction starting price...Kinda overprice...but it's the only one I seen so far. Good luck ! :smile:
  4. Oh, you mean permanent as in it will come out every season? I am so happy to hear that. Means that it wont go out of season?

    As for the 228, I heard that it is discontinued already... meaning no more production. Those that we see in ebay are past seasons like 2008 spring summer. Is that correct?


  5. It'll be around! Hopefully forever!