226 vs. 227...anyone know the measurements???

  1. I am really lusting after a reissue & want to buy one because they are SOOOO gorgeous !!! I love the MM lock, the chain, etc ~ they are truly devine:drool:!!! But I need guidance. I am somewhat new to Chanel ~ well not really new to Chanel ~ just A LOT less knowledgeable than most of you ladies. I just go in, see it, love it, buy it...so I am waaaaay uninformed :confused1:. I want to know the measuremnts for the reissues...I know the sizes I am interested in seem to be 226 or 227, but what is the difference? HELP...please & many, many THANK YOU's!!!!!!
  2. there's a really helpful thread called Post pictures of your Flap, Classic Flap and Reissues! ~ page 19 details sizing info ~ 'tho neither of my medium flaps measure what they should! :confused1: ~ i have ordered two mediums but my SA is going to call me when they come in & we can do the measuring then! ~ :flowers:
  3. It's around 11" x 8-9" (226) and 12" x 9 - 9.5" (227). Vickianderson is right, though, they do vary slightly. Check out the thread recommended above - i found that seeing the bags modelled on different body shapes really gives you a great idea of what would suit you and that thread is invaluable!
  4. THANK YOU!!! I scored a GORGEOUS patent leather reissue w/ silver hardware:drool:...CAN'T WAIT to get it in the next few days! I went w/ the 227!! YAY!!!:yahoo: