226 Reissue in suede

  1. Hi,
    After searching unsuccessfully for the reissue in patent leather or calfskin /lambskin (?), I finally found one in brown suede instead. Lets say I am so eager to get an reissue that I will get it in whatever material it is in! :wlae: Then again, I have not seen any reference or pictures of reissue in suede. Can anyone share any news on this bag please? For example, which season the big is in. Thanks.

  2. I have not seen it in suede either. If it's authentic it's probably GORGEOUS!! Please post pix if you find it...
  3. I don't know where you live, but I have seen reissues recently at both NM and Saks. You could call and ask them to do a search for you?
  4. I have not seen a suede one.
  5. I've seen a suede one in the SG boutique... personally i'm not a big fan...

    wait for the leather, nefy!
  6. I bought the bag nonetheless from the Singapore Chanel store no doubt. It is my first chanel and I get to like the bag more and more. :yahoo:

    Here are the pictures.

  7. A suede reissue was not released in the US. I haven't seen a suede one in my European, but then again, reissues are usually sold out so quickly. It's not to say that it wasn't a VIP only bag or a very limited edition. Suede is so hard to keep nice. Even when it is professionally cleaned, I notice that the nap of the suede is never the same - it gets rougher in appearance.
  8. wow! i really like it in the suede!
  9. I like it, its cute. I hope its as easy to maintain.