226 Price in USA

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  1. Hi !

    I just have a quick question, I have just brought what I think is the purple reissue from USA in the 226. The SA I am dealing with has not advised how much the bag was. I have just received my credit card statement and it says he debited $2924.08 Does anyone know if thats how much it costs for the 226? I thought it was $2850?


  2. I think the rest is the tax (depends on what city that you have bought it).
  3. I just checked my receipt and the price for a 226 is $2,695. The total charge for me was $2,920, with NYC sales tax of 8.375% added.
  4. 2850 pre-tax is the price of the 227 size. 2695 pre-tax is 226. The extra amount should be applicable taxes. HTH!