225 vs. 226 size?

  1. Help! I've looked at every single reissue pic in the reference thread but still can't decide...

    I'm planning to use this primarily as an evening bag / going out bag.. clubbing, nice dinners, etc. I'm 22 and very petite. I already have a jumbo but that's my "day" bag. I do tend to carry a lot during the day but I cut down when I go out for the evening.

    For current 225 and 226 owners, which do you prefer? How does spaciousness compare between these two sizes? Which size better to carry for going out? Like I said, I don't want something as bulky as the jumbo! TIA!
  2. The 225 is similar in size to the classic medium but its softer so it can accomodate your things a little better. Its a great choice for evenings. I think the 226 is a great size for evening too and holds a decent amount. It can be day to evening very easily.