225 Reissue -- What colors does it come in?

  1. I thought I wanted grey, now I might be changing my mind. What other colors is this bag available in?

  2. When you say 225 are you referring to size (because that's what that number refers to)?

    If you mean 2.55 reissue then that's a different question altogether.
  3. oh oops! Yes I was referring to the size...

    wait. now I'm getting confused. is there more than one kind of reissue?
  4. The reissue is also called the 2.55 because it was the original flap bag that Coco introduced in February 2005.

    It was re-released in 2005 by Karl Lagerfeld to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 2.55. It was re-released as an exact replica of the original.

    The reissue comes in 5 sizes. 228, 227, 226, 225, 224:yes:

    For 2005 the reissue came in black w/gold chain, white w/silver chain, and grey w/silver chain. These were specially marked on the inside flap: 2.55 - 2005.
  5. Other colors have been released in each subsequent season.:yes:
  6. ^^thank you, this helps me too!
  7. Question re reissue. The 2005 reissue, did it also come in the various sizes, or just one size that year? Is the 2005 reissue considered more valuable, sought after because it is stamped on the flap?