$222 Gerard Darel Black Leather Flap Satchle

  1. Gone!!!!
  2. It's gone. I guess there was only one left and you got it. It's a beauty. Congrats!
  3. Sorry! Well, I hope another tpf'er got it!
  4. My heart dropped!!! I thought it was still available... oh not meant to be :crybaby::excl:
  5. that is a steal. too bad it's gone.
  6. I agree! I bought it in both the brown and black and have carried the black almost daily. Recently, I gifted the brown one to a sister and she fell in love with it as well. It is a very large bag, and unlike the photo on NM, it is not structured at all. As I recall, I paid $358 for each at NM in January of this year.
  7. bagchondriac--very interested to hear that the G.D. is not structured. Would you mind posting modelling pics?

    Merci bien...
  8. ^^Yeah, but that one is close to $400.00

    : (
  9. Yep-
    Unfortunately for me it looses a wee bit of it's prettiness when it costs almost twice as much. :shrugs:
    Thanks for the tip anyhoooo, LaineeGirl.:yes:
  10. ^^I agree. I also don't like that the original price before their "sale" was almost $500.00! That's crazy! The original 24 bag (no flap, no pocket) was never $500.00

    I hate when retailers hike up prices to make their "reduced" price seem low!
  11. Fair enough! Well, I'll have to see what all the fuss is about this bag. If I don't like it I'll return it to NM and let y'all know thru this tPF deals & steals thread! Hopefully I'll love it and I'll post pics of me wearing it! I heard so many good things about the smooshy leather on this bag :yes: and I just can't justify buying another wonderful $$$ paddy in black (I have a choco medium front pocket and i LOVELOVELOVE the leather!!!).
  12. Don't think I'll be able to take more pics, but I will post what I do have of the brown bag. We are leaving for Alaska this weekend and I believe the cameras are packed. In addition, my DH had surgery on his right hand, so I'm w/o a photographer!

    One thing that really irritated me was the fact that NM never included any dust bags with either GD bag I purchased. I called numerous times to request them, but they would send out these generic ones that were small enough to cover a clutch at best!!! Three times they did that until finally I just gave up!!
  13. wow, that was a great deal on a beautiful bag! i may be developing a new brand obsession :shame:

    i hadn't heard of GD before tPF...