22 series Classic flap caviar


Sep 19, 2014
Hello all,
I am purchasing my first M/L Classic Flap in black caviar and decided to go the preloved route as this will be an occasion bag rather than an everyday bag. I am considering purchasing a 22 series MIF bag, and I was wondering if any of you lovely Chanel-obsessed people have any critiques on this series? Like does the caviar peel (23 series), is it super dull, or super flat etc etc? I believe this is 2016 spring-ish time. I have searched the forum and there doesn't seem to be many complaints on this series, but any input would be appreciated!

My main concern is that the bag be a very saturated black. The seller also said that the caviar is about medium in size - not super grainy or super smooth.

Thank you!



Jan 28, 2009
If you do your research on the forum, you will see there is no particular standard for any given series. When it comes to the black classics all series can have have variations. Some can be more shiny, some can be more matte. More or less puffy etc. It's all up to the particular skin used on a given bag. I'm not sure where the idea came from that 23 series or any series for that matter were prone to peeling? Unless you are talking about a seasonal variation, which I do know some people have had issues with, depending on the treatment, and even if you are talking about regular classics, it certainly would not be true of a whole series.

Anyway from what I can see the bag you are looking at looks lovely. As you are buying pre-loved and have concerns, get lots of pictures so you can be sure it looks good to you and authenticate it first! Enjoy getting your first Chanel!