21st present from the boyfriend!

  1. [​IMG]



    Without flash:

    With flash:

    Imagine my surprise when I realised it was the Mini Lin Speedy in Dune! I've always thought it was gorgeous but never really took a closer look. But, I love love love it! Its gorgeous really and I love it more than my Monogram Speedy!

    Anyway, updated (small) collection included!

  2. Happy birthday and congrats!
  3. its gorgeous! ur bf is a sure keeper!!
    enjoy the bag and ur bf hehe - and hapy birthday :smile:
  4. Great addition to you family...congrats! & Happy B-day!
  5. congrats!!
  6. Congrats!! Happy B-day!
  7. I'm not a big fan of mini lin line, but CONGRATS on the new bag and on your boyfriend too! :p
    You have a great LV collection!
  8. :balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon:

    and what a sweet boyfriend you have! Congrats and you have a great collection! I love it!
  9. awesome gift, congrat's and enjoying using her.
  10. Happy Bday and congrats, but WHAT is in the SMALL BLUE BAG????? ;)
  11. Very sweet boyfriend you have there! And happy birthday!
  12. congrats!
  13. cute collection and happy bday !
  14. WOW!! Happy birthday and congrats on your LV! It's beautiful! Enjoy it in good luck!
  15. Great BF you have there!! Happy Birthday and congrats on your new mini lin speedy!