21st birthday struggle I would love your opinion


Jan 6, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
So for those who also lurk in the Chanel forums I recently posted about an opportunity to buy a Chanel boy bag at 44% off or a classic flap at 30% off for my 21st birthday which is still an option I'm seriously considering (it would be in December during my birthday and still would require tons of saving). I'm currently working for a department store where the discount is offered but I plan to quit once I graduate from school in a year. but my concerns are
1. It's still really expensive 2. I don't know how to tell my parents (even though I would be paying for it completely they still pay for my school and I really don't want to make them upset and they don't really understand the whole designer thing lol). 3.i don't think I would use it as an everyday bag.

Also I know as prices increase it's better to buy now before they get even MORE expensive


I could go to san Francisco for a few days with my boyfriend and buy a full price mulberry (which I've never done) from the boutique!

I would really appreciate anyone's opinions :smile:
Nov 28, 2013
I'd say go for Chanel. They never go on sale and given the annual price increase you may regret not buying one day. No point buying M bag at full price when you know one day it will be at the outlet. It's also hard to sell M bag and breakeven but it won't be for Chanel


Plain Jane
Sep 30, 2005
I agree with LittleMissPeppa on whether to buy Chanel or Mulberry.

Maybe you can prep the parents of a big purchase by letting them know you are saving very hard to treat yourself for a birthday gift in December.

BUT here's a "realistic answer" to your dilemma, I would buy Mulberry only on sale, not full price. Why the flip flop? At 21 and still have to save very hard for a Chanel and still to graduate, I think you may have other priorities and the Chanel money can be put to better use.



Feb 3, 2014
I would say go on holiday and buy a mulberry not as full price. Holidays are memories that you will keep forever !


Jul 24, 2013
I dream of a chanel boy.... As you have an impressive mulberry collection already and san francisco isn't likely to go anywhere...id save for the chanel (cumon 44%!!) and your next save could be for a trip! Win win


Apr 25, 2014
Northamptonshire UK
Totally agree with Jaz, as for your parents ......... do you need to tell them? My mum wouldn't know a Chanel from an LV to a plastic fake from the market!!! Bless her! But then maybe your parents are more clued up!!


Jul 30, 2012
UK South East Coast
Yep, I agree with the majority, go for the Chanel, you will never again get the chance to get that sort of discount :tup: It will last a lifetime..................as Jazz said, San Francisco will always be there.

I love the Boy but as much as I do I would go for a Chanel flap in whatever the most practical size is for you. It will never date, increases in price and holds it's value better than any other style. It's such a classic and looks great for any occasion, evening or day and can easily be dressed up or worn with jeans. £3k + is a lot of money but 30% off a good investment

I chop and change my Mulbs quite a lot as it's always possible to pick up a bargain and re-sell at a sensible price. I don't think that goes for Chanel, for me they are keepers and only ever a present for a very special occasion. I wouldn't feel right if it were any other way.

What to do about the parents, I guess is whatever you are comfortable with. I think it's lovely that you consider their feelings and appreciate they are paying for your schooling. As one myself, I felt it was my responsibility to contribute to such things and give my children the best start I could but at 21 you do have to accept it's time they make their own decisions. I don't have girls though :girlsigh: I think spending money you have worked for on a bag is preferable to being flittered away on other things.
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Oct 26, 2009
It's for your 21st, you should buy what you want. My daughter is 18 next year and I have told her she will get cash but to make sure she buys something special, wether it is a bag or jewellery it is up to her.


Apr 14, 2013
Very tricky. If the discount won't be an option again, I would say Chanel flap (classic and will hold value). Mulberry you can get any time, and you have an outlet nearby.

The main question is can you live with the cost - and only you can answer that!

Good luck deciding!


Nov 6, 2012
I would definitely say the Chanel - I am currently saving up for a classic flap myself and would jump at the chance to get 30% off!

As others have already mentioned, the seasonal Mulberry's will go into sale, and even the classic styles can be 10% off with student discount, so I would take the opportunity to get a great discount on a Chanel before the prices go up.

Even if you don't use it all the time, you will still get good cost per wear as it will last you a lifetime :smile: