21st Birthday Speedy!

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  1. Today is my 21st birthday, and what else did I get but a speedy 25 from DBF! This actually came weeks ago, but was sitting away in its dustbag to finally be taken out today!

    I thought I'd never go speedy, but the azur was just soo cute. :heart:

    It's a perfect sunshiney day to take this baby out, and here I am ready to go!

    Now I'm out to party!! Enjoy the pics!
    nyaao_azur3.jpg nyaao_azur.jpg nyaao_azur2.jpg nyaao_azur0.jpg
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY:balloon: :Congrats on the Azur Speedy!!!!:yahoo: That's perfect gift to get for B-day! ur bf have great taste.:party:
  3. WOW that's a great present, congrats it's beautiful and suits you very well indeed
  4. Congrats & Happy Birthday!!!:smile:
    i have the azur speedy too and LOVE it.
  6. Happy happy birthday!! What a perfect gift ~ Enjoy!!:p
  7. Happy 21st Birthday!!! :drinkup:

    What a great present! That reminds me.. I wonder what I'm getting for my 21st this year :p . The speedy looks great on you :yes: .
  8. Happy Birthday and congrats on a beautiful bag!
  9. happy 21st birthday! :party: :yahoo:

    it looks great on you!
  10. happy birthday!! congrats!!
  11. Congrats and happy birthday!
  12. happy birthday. your DBF is a sweetie
  13. Happy B-Day, what a perfect gift! Thanks for the pics, you look great with your new bag!
  14. Happy Birthday sweetheart!! Your DBF is absolutely sweet.. I haven't gotten a bday present in years. But enjoy being 21, I wish I could stay 21 forever!!
  15. Happy 21st. The azur looks terrific on you. Congrats.