21st Birthday Ideas.......Help!!

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  1. My friends daughter is turning 21 next month. To my absolute delight she has decided to but her an LV bag. She has seen the petit Noe in Black MC - which she loves.

    Does the MC Noe come in any other size? I also said I would ask you guys for any other suggestions. This is a quote from the birthay girl.....

    "I am so xcited – spent forever choosing. But am still looking so if u see something cool – day time bag that I can wear on the shoulder, give me a shout!"

    So the budget is around the MC petit Noe range.

    We gave her a White MC Cles for her birthday last year......On a side note I have designed a cool necklace in Silver with 21 Tahitian Black Pearls for her birthday!!!!

  2. Please help......I'm desperate!
  3. That's the only size for the MC noe, other than shoulder bag what type of bag does she like ie. Vernis, mono damier etc. is the now the only mc bag she likes. or by other suggestions are you looking for small accessories?
  4. Thanks Label,

    No I mean suggestions for bags. Probably denim, Vernis, other MC, but probably not Damier or Mono.
  5. personally I love my Denim Baggy GM as a daytime shoulder bag ... super soft, clingy and comfortable :love:

    I have it blue, but you might want to check whether it's still available in fuchsia somewhere. would make a great gift IMHO.
  6. What's wrong with the MC noe? Is it too big/small? You can consider the Aurelia MM...it's lower maintenance because it has feet on the bottom (instead of vachetta like the noe), it's slightly cheaper, bigger, and there's no drawstring.

    There's also the vernis brentwood and houston.

    That's all I can think of that's not damier or monogram.
  7. A multicolor Aurelia MM would be nice.
  8. I think the Baggy GM would be nice and trendy. Shoulder bag and lightweight :smile:
  9. Cool thanks guys for all the help - I had though Baggy GM too - will check out the other suggestions too

  10. Oh the Noe is great - but she just asked for any other ideas....
  11. Is there an LV store around where you are :confused1: If yes, why don't you give her a voucher for taking her to lunch and then to LV so she can see everything with her own eyes and try some different bags on. you could talk to an SA beforehand and do already some pre-selection :idea:
  12. LOL - there is no boutique in my country - she has done some preselction (Noe) but just wanted ideas. She lives in another country (like 5 min from LV) but I will but the bag in yet another country(on behalf of her mom) and take it to them on her birthday when I visit.
  13. I would go with a denim baggy or what about an azur speedy with cles or something.

  14. aw, bummer, that makes things a bit complicated :p

    I'd really get either the MC Noe (after all you know that she likes it) or a Denim Baggy which is a great bag

    hmmm, in case she likes neither, does anybody know what the LV return policy for foreign items is? I know their warranty is international but what about exchanges for not liking it?!?! :confused1:
  15. Thanks LVobsessed - I'm liking the Brentwood, Baggy GM and Aurelia -

    She wants a shoulder bag so Speedy is a no go.