21st Birthday classic flap...please help me decide!!


Aug 24, 2012
Hello lovely ladies,

I am a newbie in the Chanel forum! I am looking to buy my first classic flap next month for my 21st birthday...it is my HG bag at the moment!

I live in London but I will be in Paris on my birthday weekend so I am hoping to visit the Chanel boutiques there, do you have any tips for me? What will the stock be like in January? If I can't find what I am looking for in Paris then I will keep checking the London boutiques regularly until I am lucky! I speak some French but I'm not fluent, do all the SAs speak English or not?

Also, I am pretty sure I want the classic ML size, with GHW, but I am unsure whether to go for caviar leather or lambskin? (I am 5'7" and a UK size 10 so I think ML is the right size for me...?)

Part of me thinks lambskin as it just looks so gorgeous and luxe and is the ultimate classic... I will be using this bag for evening wear/smart daytime events, however I want the bag to last me for the rest of my life(!) and so perhaps caviar would be the more durable choice?? Please advise a newbie!

Finally, I want my first Chanel purchase to be the full boutique experience and as I am new to the brand would not trust myself in finding a good preloved example. However I have seen when sold on the caviar bags appear to retain their value much better? So should I go for caviar just in case I ever need to sell it on/decide it doesn't suit my lifestyle?(highly unlikely for sure but trying to think everything through!)

Please please give me some advice as I am so excited but just want to get it right! :smile:

Thank you!


Oct 26, 2013
I have m/l in lambskin and I love it :smile: I knew for def as soon as I saw the bags that for evening/special occasion use I much preferred the lambskin. I made the right choice it's a stunning bag. Pic below for you to see it!


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May 11, 2013
Lamb leather matches best the events where you will be using it! Don't be afraid of the lamb it is more durable than you think. Good luck! The black ML with GHW is the ultimate classic that will last a lifetime.

+1 My first choice for (m/l) Large classic flap is Black lambskin with GHW it is the most iconic (other than the reissue) it is absolutely a lot more luxurious feeling than caviar IMO! GL


Apr 3, 2012
Imo as lambskin aged, it look more pretty and elegant than caviar. I vote for lambskin, it is much more durable than we think. My red lambskin flap caught a few drops of rain, but it still look brand new with no water marks. Im saving up for a black ml lamskin in ghw, i regret buying my caviar jumbo


Dec 1, 2013
I actually just bought a M/L in Paris this week! It was an awesome experience and I will be doing a reveal when I get back home! It seemed as though most, if not all, employees were able to speak English. They also seemed to have a nice inventory at the 31 Rue Cambon location. I was looking for a specific bag and also purchased a card holder. In regards to caviar vs. lamb skin I LOVE the look of lamb skin. The problem was that my husband participated in some of my research and after hearing about how easily it scratches he was VERY strongly against it. It's true, one scratch and I know it would break my heart. Go with whatever you feel comfortable with!


Jan 24, 2012
Congrats on getting your HG Chanel! I love lambskin and it's a lot more durable than most people think. I walked into my local boutique a few months ago with my vintage lambskin bag and my SA was surprised how good it looks. She kept telling me it looks brand new and I don't baby my bags. Hope you find your bag in Paris :smile:


Jul 26, 2013
Even though lambskin is gorgeous, I'd get caviar. You can use it all the time and not worry so much about it. If I had a lambskin bag, I'd use it only for special occasions. With caviar, you have the freedom to use it WHENEVER and WHEREVER. That's just my two cents. You should buy the bag you want :smile:
Dec 4, 2011
Hi, just to add another idea into the mix, have you taken a look at the 2.55 reissue.
It is in aged calfskin, so there is no choice of Caviar or Lambskin, and the aged calfskin wears beautifully.
The Gold and Black is the iconic combination, and if you were to choose the small size, (225 as known in the US) it is a very similar size to the Classic M/L but has a slightly longer chain length which may suit you for your height.
I am only 5' 2" but I can wear the reissue cross body, but cannot the M/L.
It is a truly iconic bag, but a little more understated and under the radar than the classic.
Looking forward to seeing what you choose.


Oct 25, 2012
Lambskin as it is sooo plush and luscious and amazing to touch. It also looks more youthful. I have a lamb skin medium/large classic myself and my brother's partner has a caviar medium/large. I find lamb skin looks more youthful...if you are going for that look I suppose. As everyone has mentioned before me, lamb skin is much more durable than people realise. Marks can be rubbed out with your fingers. I have included a picture of my lamb skin and my brother's gf's caviar for reference. Though they are both beautiful, I find that the lamb skin is a deeper, rich black whilst the caviar is more dull and even greyish in tone. People think that caviar is indestructible but it's not, the corners of the caviar bag are worn down a bit, sort of like how a rubber soled shoe wears down. Of course, this is just the nature of constant use. Bags are not indestructible unless they are made of steel or something and the fact of the matter is, choose a leather type that you love. If you choose lamb skin, as long as you don't roughly handle it and bang it around, you'll be fine and will get lots of love and wear out of your flap :heart: happy hunting


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Jul 19, 2013
Hi babe, we are the same size and height! I find M/L a little bit small IMO.. jumbo is just nice.

I vote for caviar as the shape stands better than lambskin in time to come. Well, that is if u are going to keep it for a very long time.

If you're probably getting this bag just for a few years.. go for lambskin then. :smile: