21c (hotel)

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  1. Has anyone been ???

    21C: This new boutique hotel, housed in a compound of former warehouse buildings, seems like it would be more at home in Miami than Louisville, Kentucky. Valets speed things up by riding on Segways and each room is equipped with an iPod, pre-programmed with the guest’s favorite tunes. Bed headboards made of recycled plastic bottles show off poster reproductions of art on display throughout the hotel that guests are encouraged to take home as souvenirs. But despite all these modern accents, 21C is not without some traditional Southern charm: each room has two sterling silver julep cups, fresh mint sprigs and a bottle of bourbon.

    700 West Main Street
    Louisville, Kentucky
    P: 502.217.6300
  2. Urgh, no, but I love that... it looks to me like they were inspired by the Chicago school of architecture and Ecole des Beaux Arts which are my very favorites... thanks for posting. I have a sorority sister from Kentucky, maybe I'll go say hi to her family and have stay here! lol
  3. That sounds really cool!
  4. Wow! Looks amazing. I am dying to go to the Kuntucky Derby so now I know where I want to stay! :smile:
  5. Dude, let's go! Pack your bags!
  6. It's right around the corner from my loft apartment building, so I drive by it regularly. Looks nice, and the restaurant in the ground level called Proof is supposed to be very good (Mediterranean regional cuisine). If you guys do come to Louisville, we could have a PF meeting or something! :lol:
  7. For some reason my bf wants to go to Louisville, maybe that'll be our hotel! It sounds cool though
  8. oooh! now if i could just convince hubby KY isn't full of hicks with no teeth, i have a place to stay! :smile: