$210,000 Purse???

  1. I am probably late with this, but I decided to create a thread any way. I was in the local LV boutique earlier today and I was flipping through the little spiral bound book they had with the new bags. I got on the waitlist for the Alma Mirroir. Anyway, I saw this minaudiere (sp) in there that the SA said would have white gold thread running through and the hardware would be either white gold or yellow gold. Its tiny...about the size of the Judith Leiber's. And it is a special order. The purse retails for $210,000 and you have to put a 50% deposit on it before they will even start making the purse. I thought that was absolutely ridiculous. There aren't even any diamonds on the clutch. I must say that while I still like many LV bags, I think the prices are starting to get outrageous. Especially with something like this and also with their jewelry.
  2. Fancy :whistle: ! I would love to see one!
  3. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  4. no way! :amazed: I could use that money towards a condo!
  5. That's crazy!
  6. :shocked: I could not imagine spending that much on one bag.
  7. Yes, I saw that in the look book! It's a clutch made of solid gold.:shocked: And you would need one WHY exactly?:blink:
  8. Yep, I saw that in the look book also and it is amazing, but wayyy too expensive. They said that it takes 350 hours to make it and that it's like carrying a gold abr in your hands. It is stunning, but very expensive.
  9. Who knows..it was pretty but I'd go for a few Judith Leibers before I'd go for one of these.
  10. it is a very cool bag.
  11. :blink::shocked:
  12. That is obscene. I love my pricey bags and all, but that kind of money could be used elsewhere and do a lot of people a lot of good.

    Who buys these things? I am guessing the daughters of oil sheiks or royalty or something. Or perhaps a museum or gallery :smile:
  13. And I thought the ostrich Hermes was bad at $18,000.
  14. Yikes, that's ridiculous? Where would someone carry it? What if someone steals it? Wouldn't you need insurance for it or something? And I thought Birking bags were exspensive.
  15. Even I am not that crazy!