21 Must de Cartier Watch

  1. Hi all,

    I don't normally post on here as I don't wear much jewelry. I'm happy to share with you all that I've just received a 21 Must de Cartier Watch as a generous gift from my parents! It is the small model and is two-toned. I don't normally mix silver and gold jewelry together, but with this watch, it was love at first sight!! I don't know much about watches, but I absolutely LOVE the Cartier tank. My mom is completely fine with it if I don't like the gift (she wouldn't want me to keep it if I don't truly love it and therefore will not wear it as often), and said that she wouldn't care if I wanted to trade it in for a tank instead. I thought the tank would be my first choice, but this watch has taken my breath away. Plus, I don't want to seem unappreciative as I know this was not a "cheap" watch and a very lovely gift. To keep or not to keep? TIA! :yes:
  2. Congratulations. Its a beautiful design. My only issue with that watch it that it is vermiel (sp), which means the gold is plated on stainless. That might not bother some, but for the cost of the watch and a lifetime of wear, I'd get the tank in a heartbeat.
  3. I think it's a beautiful watch but I like my watch to be all in silver tone.

    Tank is a nice classic one but I think it's boring like classic Rolex. Sorry am not a fan of classic style. I have one cartier (Pasha seatimer) and it's a sport look. I also want a J12 (I'm considering it as a new comer fashion watch).

    Anyway, if you love it so keep it. If it is a two-toned so you can wear it until you're 60 + .