20cent listing

  1. Is Nov 21st (tomorrow) !!! :yahoo:
  2. how do you find out when these special days are? I'd like to know so i can sell some stuff...... too bad i'm on vacation : (
  3. I got an email from eBay into my eBay mailbox! I just got it today.
  4. Yipee ....... mega listing tomorrow!!! Sell Sell Sell and hope someone buys buys buys!
  5. i have 2 ready to go, will do about 4 more tonight!
  6. I love it when they do these sales! I just listed 10 items and want to do more! Good luck everyone with their sales!
  7. I wish they could do it like once a month or something :smile:
  8. How come I didn't get any message about that in my eBay mailbox?
  9. I just received that email too, whoohooo!!
  10. I was planning on having a mega sale this weekend to help pay off all of the bags I have been buying since I discovered this forum. :rolleyes: I guess I'll get started listing tonight! Good luck everyone with your auctions.
  11. i got 5 up. but they're good ones ;)
  12. I managed to get 10 auctions going today so far. I have to list all my daughters figure skating dresses, and quite honestly it may wait, kinda tired! I'm pooped!:yucky:
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