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  1. Okay, so you guys know I got my first Hermes bag yesterday. Well, as I was headed out of the office, one of the salesmen stopped me and said "Hey, I heard you got a new bag; here," and hands me an "invitation." I looked down at it, and he said, "My wife is having a purse party here tonight at the office in the conference room. She sells a very exclusive line of handbags, you should check it out." Suspiciously, I said, "What kind of handbags?" And he said, "all different ones, you know, like the ones with the C's (Chanel) and the brown ones with the logo's all over them (LV) and some Coach, too." I was floored. He then said, "They're all between $30 and $80. How much was that one?" I told him what it retailed for and his jaw dropped and he said, "My wife's got some that look like that but they're all leather and they're only $60." :wtf: :yucky: :throwup:

    I smiled, very politely, and said, "Well, since I just got this one, I don't think I need anymore right now, but thank you!" And then I left. Then, this morning I came into work and one of the girls said "Your bag is SO pretty! Did you get that at the purse party last night?" :cursing: :wtf: :rant: :bagslap: :yucky:

    This really makes me angry-- I saw pictures, and the woman has fake LV, Hermes, Prada, Coach and Chanel. TERRIBLE FAKES that are, not to mention, ILLEGAL, and she's selling them AT OUR OFFICE after hours! I really feel like I should say something to someone about how we could get in trouble, but I talked to one of the salesgirls about it that's designer-savvy and she just rolled her eyes and said "Let them have their fakes. It's pathetic, but nobody can stop counterfeiters." This left me very sad and a little edgy at the same time. I haven't been working here long, so I don't want to piss anyone off, but would you say something if this was going on where you worked?

    Thanks for letting me rant!

  2. I JUST HAD THIS HAPPEN TO ME TOO! I just started a new job about a month ago as an admin, and the one of the owners went to China for a week. He offered to bring back fake LVs and I politely declined. One of the girls carries a different fake every day. I just explained that I never own anything that's supposed to be something else. How anyone felt about my comment was their problem. Funny thing is, the wife loves authentic high end handbags and won't let her hubby bring back fakes for her either, so I gained an ally. If you are honest without being snotty then I don't think it's a problem. And if others have a problem with it...oh well!
  3. You poor thing! Do you have the possibility to change work environment? =P I don't see how you can give them your point of view without making a mess really... :sad:
  4. No, I can't :sad: I love my job, the pay is great, my coworkers are wonderful (we're in the creative department, completely different from sales). I just wish I could put a stop to it!
  5. Wow. I don't think I'd know how to answer the guy..i'd be floored. It's kinda weird though that is happening in your office....don't the big bosses know about this ?...that someone is making business in the office during after hours...
  6. I wouldn't bother. I kind of have the attitude of the other sales person you work with lol I hate fakes and would never own one. However since you like your job it's not a big enough deal to screw your job up over. Let them have their ugly fakes is how I see it. Especially since you're new you don't want to make a scene about it.
  7. Ooooh, yeah, that hurts. But if I were you, I'd try to forget about it. No sense in making enemies at work.

    Although, if someone asked me if my bag came from a "purse party" I probably couldn't resist saying, "Uh, no, mine is real."
  8. I'm not sure how well it would go down with your co-workers if you turned one of their wives into the authorities. Although that is what she deserves since what she is doing is illegal. It seems like the more bad publicity the fake industry gets the larger it gets.
  9. I must be on this forum way too much b/c a similar situation happened to someone else not too long ago. I would probably respond in a similar fashion similar to mockinglee. I'm a born and raised NYer and it may be challenging for me to bite my tongue in certain situations though!
  10. LOL! Mockinglee, You remind me of a girlfriend of mine. I could so hear her saying that to someone and I would be right next to her nodding my head. She would probably throw an eyeroll in there for good measure. :yes:
  11. rockstar said it best on my campus we r having a purse party and i have to combat peopl on cmapus saying that my bags r fake when they obivioulsy r not i saved up and recived some as graduation gifts and such .. so i hate the fact that i also will find myself in the same situation in the latre part of next week aftre i purchase a new bag which happens to be around the same time as this purs eparty it make sme not even wnat to pick up a ne wbag so i will not be subject to be linked to such an even as a purs eparty and honetsly thsoe bags r so horrific like they r nothing like any of teh bags they r to represent and why woudl nay 1 want to imitate something just be it .... honetly nothing compares to the expierence of going to the actual store and looking at the bags in teh cases and tryign them on and speaking with your SA
  12. Oh, but of course. The eyeroll is essential, so that people know how utterly ridiculous they are. :rolleyes::P
  13. RBB-

    You mentioned that you just started and that you love your job so the next question is do you want to risk that job right now? Because, if you do say something, there is bound to be fallout. So, I would consider the consequences.

    Even assuming that there will be no repercussions to you personally or your job situation for reporting it - there is bound to be one socially
    in your workplace.

    At the end of the day, I would just let it go... because it is not really worth the job...

    As to your other issue re: people mistaking your bag for a fake..here is my take: I wouldn't bother working myself up to get angry.. IMHO, it is just a waste of emotion because as long as you feel good about yourself, that's all that matters...

    I have a childhood friend who for some reason feels that she is the only one entitled to or can afford to use/buy designer bags because for the longest time, every time we meet, she would always ask " Is that bag authentic? I saw it at such and such and it is expensive..."

    I know that I should be angry or offended but my response has always been the same throughout the years "What do YOU think?" And inevitably, she is always stumped because I never answered her question.

    It has been years since she asked me that question - perhaps because the last time we were out together, one of my other girlfriend who was more pi$$ed off than I am had to raise her voice saying "AAB, isn't that your expensive bag? The Hermes one that cost $5K? Lemme see! Lemme see!!!" :graucho:

    To this day, I still remember the look on my childhood friend's face! :wtf::wtf:

    And that is what I consider... PRICELESS!!! :nuts:
  14. ^^I love it! :okay:
  15. That's a tough situation. Clearly, it's not worth losing your job over, or making enemies - then you would have to work in a tainted environment which just isn't fair to do to yourself. I see your dilemma though, because I would so temted to do something about it - I mean it's illegal!!! It would drive me crazy.