2024 VCA Wishlist

The rest of these are not going to be a 2024 wishlist, but hopefully sooner rather than later!

1. YG Onyx 5-Motif Alhambra bracelet (didn't know I wanted it, until I could never get it out of my mind) - Purchased April 2024.
2. YG Onyx 10-Motif Alhambra necklace
3. RG Ginza Edition MOP Alhambra Pendant
4. RG Hammered Sweet 16-motif Alhambra necklace
5. YG Vendome Edition Blue Porcelain Alhambra Pendant
6. RG/YG Perlee Sweet Clover bracelet (pipe dream probably!)
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I unexpectedly was offered Large Frivole YG earrings in mid April - I casually mentioned my interest to my SA the month before when VCA launched RG Frivole mirror without any hope/expectation at all! This looked like a blind purchase from the outset however, it turned out to be the best decision ever made to venture out to bigger earrings :biggrin:

I’ve managed to order 2 special pieces before (upcoming) price increase! Did not want to jinx it but i’ll update once they are received by me :smile:
I've picked up quite a few high dollar pieces (high, for me, at least) this year already so my list is not too long. So far in 2024 I've picked up the 4 motif YG BTF frivole mini ring, sweet YG perlee clover ring, RG perlee clover bangle, WG perlee duo ring, and WG perlee ring.

On my 2024 wishlist:
  1. WG Vintage Alhambra Guilloche Earrings
  2. YG Frivole Small Earrings (order stop so probably won't be able to pick it up this year)
  3. Mayyybe WG Perlee D'or Bangle (trying to decide between this or Chanel WG Mini Coco Crush bangle w/ diamonds)
  4. All metals of the small and medium perlee rings
If anyone's curious about my non-VCA 2024 wishlist. The ones bolded are top priority:
  1. Pomellato classic nudo earrings in prasiolite & diamonds
  2. Cartier small clash necklace
  3. Cartier clash ring RG
  4. Chanel WG coco crush mini ring with diamonds
  5. Chanel WG coco crush mini bangle with diamonds
  6. Boucheron serpent boheme necklace WG with aquamarine
  7. Graff 5 motif butterfly necklace
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