2023 Holiday pendant

Went in to look at the holiday pendant and walked out with this instead.
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I'm still undecided on the HP. I don't really wear gray but it seemed like a nice neutral, slightly metallic, slightly shimmery, looks very casual, but it didn't wow me, which is ultimately why I didn't get it even though it's very wearable.

Frivole twins!! 😊 Same situation with me too lol. I initially came in thinking I would get the HP but left with the frivole RG with pink sapphire pendant instead. I love it so much and hopefully I’ll be able to get the matching earrings to complete the set.
Has anyone experienced this? It’s more than half a year since it first came out. Has anyone experienced wear and tear out of the ordinary to their obsidian piece ?
I have not, mine looks perfect, and I wear it about twice per week. I was told not to shower in it so I don't wear it 24/7. I also haven't dropped it but read about a couple of instances of it breaking from being dropped on a hard surface.