2022 Holiday Pendant - Any Predictions?


Jan 31, 2015
Here’s what they’ve done already:
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So no lapis since they did it in 2010 @BigAkoya - was it your SA that said they were going to make the holiday pendants less available going forward?

If that’s the case then maybe something new they’ve never done! Hmmm - orange and purple are the colors missing in this rainbow of stones.
I am also noticing that with the exception of onyx, for the past eight years the stones were always unique choices not available as a single Vintage Alhambra Pendant. For the past five years they were totally new stones for Alhambra. So perhaps it will be a totally new stone again this year. I would be very interested in a purple stone or in a new green stone. I would also be thrilled if they included Holiday earrings again.