2021 Resolution: Shopping my own bag and SLG collection. Any one else?

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Jul 2, 2008
May Shopping Your Closet Challenges
  1. What fits in my bag? It does not have to be one of your best bags. The contents don't even have to be what you normally carry. Bag spill pics are welcome, real or imagined! Great idea @dcooney4! :hbeat: Adding @Kimbashop’s twist, What has been the most unusual thing you have carried in a handbag? :nuts:
  2. Rotate through your bags - wear as least five different bags this month or if that’s too easy, carry as many bags of your bags as you can in 31 days in May.
  3. Highlight your SLGs - share your favourite SLGs, most frequently carried and least frequently carried SLGs
  4. Your oldest bags - wear your two oldest bags in your collection, 1 x this month. It can be the bags you’ve owned the longest or vintage bags that go back the furthest in time, you decide how to interpret this.
Non bag challenge: declutter closets, eeek too intimidating start with coats, winter coats, spring coats, you can assess the coats you did and didn’t wear in winter and bring to the front your favourite spring coats (assuming you live in the Northern hemisphere, otherwise do the reverse.)
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Feb 9, 2019
Fun conversation on Alma vs. Bolide. I‘ll pop in for a quick hello and dash off (long day combined with my youngest DS having to quarantine due to being a close contact with someone at school who is a confirmed positive for Covid). His Covid test is booked and my vaccine is scheduled for next week. :frown::crybaby:

Here’s a picture of my Bleu Nuit Vernis Alma PM and Etain Bolide 31 in Clemence, bonus bag Coco Handle as well. I rehomed the Alma.
I wore both to work and casually on the weekend. The Bolide has a shoulder strap. Almas were not sold with a strap when I got mine. The Bolide handles don’t fold down, the Alma handles fold down.

Hope it helps! Stay safe and stay healthy!
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@More bags, sorry to hear about your DS being exposed to Covid at school. I hope the Covid test comes back negative.
Glad to hear you were able to schedule a vaccine appointment. I was able to get my vaccine recently.

I am still catching up on this thread but wanted to wish @doni a very happy birthday! Looking forward to seeing pics of your new goodies.
@Jereni, your Valextra is absolutely stunning. It looks like the perfect day to evening bag and that color is a gorgeous neutral. I might need to check this bag out at some point.
@BowieFan1971, glad to hear the Bolide is due to arrive soon!

And now, I am going to continue to catch up on this thread.


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
thanks @cowgirlsboots !
@Kimbashop, tailoring jeans is the best! I would miss her too!
@More bags, hope your youngest DS is safe and healthy during his quarantine and good luck re the test and your vaccine next week! I love your blue nuit, and wish Hermes did more than the occasional metallic! Thanks for your insight re the handles folding down!
@ElainePG, I take advantage of the digital credit too, but I’m trying to cut down on Amazon ordering
@SouthernPurseGal, hope your kids have a great first day of school and you are settling in your new home!


Apr 15, 2007
This is amazing! The more I study it, the more incredible details I can see.
Thanks ! These paints are so much fun. I did a quick outline on this one. Used a preparer first then sanded the butterfly only then five layers of paint and finisher. Thanks to everyone here telling me to do thin layers and my brother for telling me to sand it, I am quite happy with it.