2019 Weight Loss Thread

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  1. New Year, New Home!

    Let's continue supporting each other on the road to our goal weights!

    Happy 2019 everyone! :heart:
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  2. I was able to lose aroud 35 pounds last year in total. I've gained 10 pounds since, so I ended up with 25 pounds loss. Not excellent, but better than nothing. :smile:

    This year I hope to lose at least another 25 pounds, which will put me within my ideal weight for height.

    My pipe dream is to lose 35 pounds, though.

    I'll continue IF and be strict with low-carb/restricted calories. :smile:

    How about you?
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    Hi! I am determined this year to lose at least 15 pounds. I really need to lose 20 pounds, but I would be happy with 15. I gained it a few years ago, and just wasn't motivated to lose it. But I'm getting tired of not being able to wear more than half of the clothing I own. So! This is the year! What has worked for me in the past is really cutting down on sugar and carbs, with regular exercise. I started to exercise yesterday---am so out of shape! But it is a start! So happy to join you all on this journey and support each other!
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  4. very impressed with your loss of 25 pounds! Amazing!!!
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  5. you have already got impressive stats. I need to lose 10 pounds of fat and more importantly get into a healthier lifestyle again: less eating out, healthy body, healthy mind. would be happy to cheer for yall as well!
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  6. Welcome, @jill39 and @nesuuu :heart:

    We will do it this year!!! By the end of 2019, we will be at our goal weights! :smile:
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  7. Good luck!
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  8. Good luck to all of You
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  9. 3 kilos to lose in 2019. It's hard to lose weight after 40.
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  10. count me in. Lost a little bit last year gained it back due to terrible stress, but 2019 will be my year. At least I hope.

    Low carb, less sports. I can't starve and do sport, and I can't do lowcarb and doing sports- doesn't work. So Low carb for the first part of the year, then reduced carbs and sport (read Insanitiy, again)
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  11. Best of luck to all. I started reading two new books on weight loss I learnt that diet doesn't need to be extreme otherwise after diet you will overeat and put more weight than you ever lost,so you need to eat right on right time with workout 3 days per week,their is no magical solution and if their is any,they also makes you lose your muscles also on the name of weight loss.
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  12. I’m in! I need to lose 15 lbs . Will start old school “The Firm “ videos ( they helped me to shred 50 lbs six years ago).
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  13. I worked my butt off August 2018 and finally lost the last 6 pounds. I was so pumped. Then October came. The weather got cold. The days got short. I started to eat just like I did last October (2017) and now my clothes are tight. Again. I haven’t weighed myself. My educated guess (based on how my clothes fit) is that I gained those 6 pounds back plus 2-3. I realize now October is a danger time for me. I’m going to lose these 8 pounds and be prepared next fall.
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  14. Second day of the year here!

    So far I have managed to stay away from low-carb cookies, which, while low carb, are still calorie bombs and I feel like I overdid them last year.

    How are things going?
  15. Back on the grind, I was keto and IF for a while but on holidays like Christmas I do eat normal food but I don’t indulge too much. Love carbs but I only eat what I really really love like French toast, shortbread cookies and chocolate cake my kids make. I slacked up on work out as our gym has irregular holiday hours but now it’s all business. For about 1 yr and half I’ve been able to maintain my 25 + weigh loss. I only do 1200 cal on induction phase then gradually go up depending on workout intensity. I love to lurk here in this tthread as it really keeps me in line, here’s hoping to be able to contribute more. Cheers to this new year.
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