2019 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. I am doing the fall bag challenge and have fallen back in love with a couple of bags and others went on the chopping block. Today’s bag is Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel in oxblood.

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  2. I'm not certain, but as a fan of SWAG (silly wild a$s guesses), I have an idea! :nuts:

    The bag - I think - is an early Sofia thoughts (or SWAG):
    There is a picture of Sophia Loren trying on a pair of Ferragamo shoes (he is putting them on her!) from 1955:
    Sofia is how Sophia Loren's name was originally spelled - perhaps following H's excellent idea of renaming the Sac de Depeches to The Kelly Bag - Ferragamo named this cutie after a beautiful movie star who was also a loyal customer. I think the bag could be from the late 60's, maybe 70's. The Gancini clasp (gancini means 'a small metal hook or clasp used to hang various objects' in Italian) first appeared then when Fiamma designed a bag for her mother at that time. I think it's an early Sofia because of the back pocket, and the strap attaches to the sides - not the top of the bag.
    I could be 100% wrong though!
    The patent leather clutch is a very classic Ferragamo style, I see a lot of bags just called Gancini that look like this and/or sometimes like a small Kelly. Because the patent leather is in pretty good shape, I think it might be younger than the other bag, but not by a lot.
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  3. Fantastic colour LePliage!

    I love oxblood bags. I am carrying my burgundy Coco Handle today. Your small Bayswater is delicious!

    I love the Kelly like lines of your bag and the Gancini hardware on both bags. Both are beautiful bags, very classy! That pic of Sophia Loren, she looks so elegant - the fur, the gloves, the jewels!
  4. Thank you!
    I zoomed in on that photo to see if she had a purse with her (she did not) and thought 'Wow! What a fab look!' :love:
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  5. Love the history of it and I've always been a fan of Sophia's glamour.
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  6. Oh, he definitely is! He's particularly a bag hardware guy. (Which is pretty funny, because he is so NOT a "hardware" guy when it comes to either computers or home improvement projects!)
    I'll be posting my new bag this weekend… DH is the one who spotted a photo of it in a magazine, and it was the hardware that caught his attention!
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  7. We had a ball! Thanks!
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  8. Oh, my DH usually does it that way too (like when we're at the opera, or at a restaurant). And he doesn't know enough to identify BV versus Chanel versus LV, though he's often right that a bag is high-end. But he for sure knows Longchamp nylon bags! :biggrin:
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  9. Thanks!
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  10. I began a checklist when I joined this thread, and it has helped me enormously. I use one for my bags, and another for my H scarves. I've re-homed a bunch of scarves this way, and also trimmed down my bag collection. (Though this hasn't stopped me from buying, lol!)
  11. Lunch and Hermes is always a good mission! Have we seen the result of his mission? :coolio:
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  12. The leather on the "old" Mulberry bags is so gorgeous! I love the look of this satchel. Definitely a fall bag… makes me want to curl up with a good book and a mug of warm apple cider!
  13. What a great photo. Wasn't she a glamorous lady?
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  14. Yes - 2 scarves (Jungle Love Rainbow and Peuple du Vent Bandana moussie) have been posted on the SOTD thread, the third is coming on Sunday.
    It's La Vie En Rose week - and I still have a lil pink cutie to post - see you there! :amuse:
    Yes - absolutely. :heart:
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  15. Love this in purple :heart: