2019 Date code of Neverfull Damier Ebene

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  1. Hi! I just purchased a neverfull damier ebene MM size in LV store (Philippines) and date code is not like the ones I see in the old batches. Stamp seem like not pressed in, red texts and is flat. Is it like this in the new batches? I attached a photo for you guys to see. It bothers me actually..thinking I got a fake one. Anybody here got a bag with a date code like this?

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  2. If you got it at LV you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the bag. Imprints of hotstamps can vary.
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  3. I got my DE Neverfull a couple of weeks ago at the boutique. Date stamp 32 weeks of 2019. It’s the same color and print as yours.
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  4. Does your date code text in red? Like this? Mine's 42nd week of 2019
  5. Yes. It’s exactly like yours.
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  6. Thank you! Now I can relax.. :smile:
  7. Why would you think it’s not authentic if you bought it at an LV boutique????
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  8. Well, I just heard that LV store here had one incident where an SA swap a bag to a fake one. So, I'm kinda worried about that.