2018 slate color

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  1. Does anyone have a bag in this year’s slate color? I’m thinking of buying a nano belt bag in this color but i can’t tell what it looks like based on pictures I’ve received. It looks gray in some pictures and blue in others.
  2. I have a small big bag in slate. In pitures the color looks more grey but IRL it is more blue with a hint of green. It's a beautiful color!
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  3. Thank you! I saw a “slate” belt bag at Neimans yesterday and it was the same gray belt bag I already had (and the same gray on the website). That bag was in no way blue or green so now I’m even more confused
  4. Are you sure that was color slate? I also have a belt bag in grey and there is a big difference in color gray and slate. I took a picture. IMG_1692.JPG
  5. The gray color is what Neimans had as 'slate' on the tag and that's why I was so confused
  6. I have the nano belt in slate. It's so versatile! This is the only pic I have at the moment. It's a lovely color, very pretty and goes with everything.
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  7. Greyish blue with a hint of green. I love this color!
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